This project is no longer maintained and has been archived.

Acknowledgements and Contributors


Roman S. Borschel

Roman is a software developer from Berlin, Germany who joined the project as a user in its early stages in 2006. Though being mainly a Java and .NET developer who currently works in the field of medical information systems, Roman is also a long-time PHP user and likes to push PHP to its limits and beyond.

Having a special interest in Object-Relational Mapping, he finds it challenging to try to apply ideas and concepts of object persistence solutions of other languages and tools in the PHP world where this territory is still in its infancy.

Guilherme Blanco

Guilherme Blanco was born in 09/19/1983 and lives in Brazil. He has a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of São Carlos and works in the web development industry. He is currently employed by his company named Bisna and holds a blog at

He has worked with Java, .NET and the majority of server/client side languages and decided to pick PHP as his default development language. Instead of reinventing the wheel after he planned an entire ORM tool, he decided to jump on board the Doctrine project in November of 2007 and put his efforts in to help it move forward.

Konsta Vesterinen

Konsta Vesterinen is the founder of the Doctrine project and is responsible for getting things started for this great project. He is the creator of the first versions of all code and documentation for Doctrine. A majority of the content in this book has been evolved and transformed from his original version that was created years ago.


As Doctrine is an open source project, the names mentioned above are only the people who organize and manage the contributions of the community behind the project. Though the people above get most of the credit for the work, none of this would be possible without the companies that have gotten behind Doctrine and supported it in any way they can. Below are some acknowledgements to the companies that have helped get the project to where it is today.


Before working for Sensio Labs, Jonathan Wage was one of the original employees at centre{source}. The great people at this company saw the need for a powerful ORM in the PHP world and got behind the project right away. Jonathan was permitted to spend countless hours of company time on the project to help move things forward.

Without these contributions, the project would not have been able to make the jump from a small starting open source project to a large and trusted project. Now Doctrine is known across the globe and companies rely on the project to assist with the building of their high end web applications.

centre{source} is a full-service interactive firm assisting organizations that view the web as a strategic asset. They provide their clients four essential services: strategy, planning, execution, and on-going management.

Sensio Labs

Sensio Labs

Sensio Labs

In September of 2008, Sensio Labs officially got behind the Doctrine project and hired Jonathan to work on the project full-time. This was a major turning point for the project as it showed that corporate companies were willing to sponsor not just existing resources, but real funds.

With this change, lots of new things became possible such as Doctrine trainings, certifications, this book and much more.

Sensio created symfony, a PHP Web application framework. Sensio has over 10 years of experience developing high value web applications and is a major player in the open source world.

Other Contributors

Below are some other contributors that have played a role in the success of the project that deserve a mention here.

  • `Ian P. Christian <>`_ - For hosting the Doctrine infrastructure on his own dime.
  • Werner Mollentze - For providing the original concepts of the Doctrine logo.
  • `Phu Son Nguyen <>`_ - For providing a final copy of the Doctrine logo and the web design.
  • `Fabien Potencier <>`_ - For lending us code from the symfony project to help with building the Doctrine website.

Lots of other people have contributed a long the way, as I cannot mention everyone here, you can always read more about the contributors on the Doctrine about page.