Doctrine has a few different ways we generate funding to support the project. The funds collected are used to pay for the projects infrastructure costs as well as to support the Doctrine maintainers with funds for swag and travel costs when visiting conferences to support the project.

This page aims to document all the ways in which you can contribute to the project financially. Of course, if you can't contribute financially, consider contributing with code.

Become a sponsor

Thanks to our sponsors for funding Doctrine development. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please take a look at how you can support the Doctrine project:


If you or your company uses Doctrine and would like to financially contribute to the project, you can do so through our OpenCollective.

Corporate Sponsorships

If your company uses Doctrine and would like to financially contribute to the project, please e-mail [email protected] to discuss further.


Get professional support for Doctrine ORM through Tidelift. Available as part of the Tidelift Subscription. It includes support for Doctrine ORM and many of the other open source packages you depend on. Here’s how it provides the professional assurances you need.

  • Security: Timely notifications and help addressing vulnerabilities
  • Maintenance: Assurance of ongoing high-quality maintenance into the future
  • Licensing: Legal assurances documenting license status and whether current usage is compatible
  • Comprehensive view: A clear way to understand all of your organization’s open source dependencies and better manage risk

Carbon Ads

You may have noticed that we have advertisements placed on the Doctrine Website. These advertisements come from Carbon and look like the following.