This project is no longer maintained and has been archived.

About Sensio

Sensio Labs is a French web agency well known for its innovative ideas on web development. Founded in 1998 by Fabien Potencier, Gregory Pascal, and Samuel Potencier, Sensio benefited from the Internet growth of the late 1990s and situated itself as a major player for building complex web applications. It survived the Internet bubble burst by applying professional and industrial methods to a business where most players seemed to reinvent the wheel for each project. Most of Sensio’s clients are large French corporations, who hire its teams to deal with small- to middle-scale projects with strong time-to-market and innovation constraints.

Sensio Labs develops interactive web applications, both for dot-com and traditional companies. Sensio Labs also provides auditing, consulting, and training on Internet technologies and complex application deployment. It helps define the global Internet strategy of large-scale industrial players. Sensio Labs has projects in France and abroad.

For its own needs, Sensio Labs develops the symfony framework and sponsors its deployment as an Open-Source project. This means that symfony is built from experience and is employed in many web applications, including those of large corporations.

Since its beginnings ten years ago, Sensio has always based its strategy on strong technical expertise. The company focuses on Open-Source technologies, and as for dynamic scripting languages, Sensio offers developments in all LAMP platforms. Sensio acquired strong experience on the best frameworks using these languages, and often develops web applications in Django, Rails, and, of course, symfony.

Sensio Labs is always open to new business opportunities, so if you ever need help developing a web application, learning symfony, or evaluating a project using Doctrine, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. The consultants, project managers, web designers, and developers of Sensio can handle projects from A to Z.