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Base URL

Normally, all URLs are generated relative, but if you want to generate absolute URLs with a base url, you can use the baseUrl option:


Base URL Enabled Callable

In some cases, you may want to control when the base url gets used. For this you can set a callable that will be invoked when generating URLs. The callable receives a string that contains the path to the current file being rendered. This means you could make the parser only use the base url on certain paths:

1// only use the base url on paths that contain the string /use-base-url/ $configuration->setBaseUrlEnabledCallable(static function(string $path) : bool { return strpos($path, '/use-base-url/') !== false; });

Abort on Error

By default if an error is encountered, the parsing will be aborted. You can easily change this like this:


Ignoring Invalid References

By default, invalid references and links will be reported as errors. If you want to ignore them you can do so like this:



By default, the Doctrine RST Parser comes with two formats, HTML and LaTeX. HTML is the default format and you can configure which format to use by using the following constants:

  • Doctrine\RST\Formats\Format::HTML
  • Doctrine\RST\Formats\Format::LATEX

And you can configure the format to render like this:

1use Doctrine\RST\Formats\Format; $configuration->setFileExtension(Format::LATEX);

You can read more about formats in the Formats chapter.

Indent HTML

By default, the outputted HTML is not indented consistently. If you would like the outputted HTML to be indented consistently, you can enable this feature using the setIndentHTML(bool $indentHTML) method:


This feature only works when rendering full HTML documents using the Doctrine\RST\Nodes\DocumentNode::renderDocument() method. If you render an individual node with the render() method, the outputted HTML will not be indented.

Initial Header Level

Normally, document headings start at h1. You can override this by setting the initialHeaderLevel configuration option:

1// Set the top-most document header to <h2> $configuration->setInitialHeaderLevel(2);