Choosing a PHPCR Implementation

To use PHPCR-ODM, you need to decide on the PHPCR implementation you want to use. The implementation is a special kind of database that is responsible for storing all the content you want to persist. While every content repository can have very different requirements and performance characteristics, the API is the same for all of them.

Furthermore, since the API defines an export/import format, you can always switch to a different content repository implementation later on.

If you are just getting started with the CMF, it is best to choose a content repository based on a storage engine that you are already familiar with. For example, Jackalope with Doctrine DBAL will work with your existing RDBMS and does not require you to install Java Once you have a working application it should be easy to switch to another option.

Jackalope with Jackrabbit

The most feature complete and performant implementation available today. Jackrabbit can persist into the file system, a database and other storage layers.

The main drawback is that Jackrabbit requires the Java runtime.

See Running Jackrabbit for instructions how to install and run jackrabbit.

Jackalope with Doctrine DBAL

A solid and tested implementation that is fine for small to medium sized projects. It can run on just a relational database (currently tested with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite).