You are browsing a version that is no longer maintained.


The DoctrineMongoODMModule integrates Doctrine MongoDB ODM with Laminas quickly and easily. The following features are intended to work out of the box:

  • MongoDB support
  • Multiple document managers
  • Multiple connections
  • Support for using existing Mongo connections
  • Doctrine CLI support


Run the following to install this library:

$ composer require doctrine/doctrine-mongo-odm-module

Copy vendor/doctrine/doctrine-mongo-odm-module/config/module.doctrine-mongo-odm.local.php.dist into your application’s config/autoload directory, rename it to module.doctrine-mongo-odm.local.php, and make the appropriate changes. With this config file you can configure your mongo connection, add extra annotations to register, add subscribers to the event manager, add filters to the filter collection, and drivers to the driver chain.

Then add DoctrineModule and DoctrineMongoODMModule to your config/application.config.php and create directories data/DoctrineMongoODMModule/Proxy and data/DoctrineMongoODMModule/Hydrator and make sure your application has write access to them.

Installation without composer is not officially supported and requires you to manually install all dependencies that are listed in composer.json