This project is not being actively maintained. If you are interested in helping to maintain this project, take a look at the open issues on GitHub and submit pull requests.

Tools and Maintenance

CouchDB needs some maintenance now and then such as database and view compaction aswell as cleanups, The Doctrine CouchDB console command (based on Symfony Console) ships with a bunch of commands that help you with workflow.

If you are using Doctrine CouchDB via PEAR you can put a file called "cli-config.php" into your project root and register a Helper like such:


require_once "bootstrap.php";

$helperSet = new \Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\HelperSet(array(
    'couchdb' => new \Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Helper\CouchDBHelper(null, $dm),

If you are using a downloadable or installation from git you should create your own executable for your project as shown in the sandbox or the bin/doctrine-couchdb.php script.

Now if you execute your script or the couchdb command installed with pear "doctrine-couchdb" you get the output of the help screen:

shell> php doctrine-couchdb.php
Doctrine CouchDB CLI version 1.0.0ALPHA2

  [options] command [arguments]

  --help           -h Display this help message.
  --quiet          -q Do not output any message.
  --verbose        -v Increase verbosity of messages.
  --version        -V Display this program version.
  --ansi              Force ANSI output.
  --no-ansi           Disable ANSI output.
  --no-interaction -n Do not ask any interactive question.

Available commands:
  help                                   Displays help for a command
  list                                   Lists commands
  couchdb:maintenance:compact-database   Compact the database
  couchdb:maintenance:compact-view       Compat the given view
  couchdb:maintenance:view-cleanup       Cleanup deleted views
  couchdb:migrate                        Execute a migration in CouchDB.
  couchdb:odm:update-design-doc          Update all new/modified registered design docs or a single document if a docname is provided.
  couchdb:replication:cancel             Cancel replication from a given source to target.
  couchdb:replication:start              Start replication from a given source to target.


Pass this command an autoloadable class-name and it will execute a migration by paginating the _all_docs view in batches of 100 documents, either modifying the document to be in a new, migrated state or leaving it alone (return null).

An example of a migration is the Alpha1 to Alpha2 Migration class:

namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Tools\Migrations;

use Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Migrations\AbstractMigration;

class Alpha2Migration extends AbstractMigration
    protected function migrate(array $docData)
        $migrate = false;
        if (isset($docData['doctrine_metadata']['type'])) {
            $docData['type'] = $docData['doctrine_metadata']['type'];
            $migrate = true;
        if (isset($docData['doctrine_metadata']['associations'])) {
            $associations = array();
            foreach ($docData['doctrine_metadata']['associations'] AS $name => $values) {
                $docData[$name] = $values;
                $associations[] = $name;
            $docData['doctrine_metadata'] = $associations;
            $migrate = true;

        return ($migrate) ? $docData : null;

As you can see it migrates all doc.doctrine_metadata.type properties to doc.type and replaces the doc.doctrine_metadata.associations by moving the values into the main document just keeping a list of the association fields.


Will start a database compaction.


Will start a view compaction for the given design document.


Will cleanup leftover and temporary view files.


Will update the design document with the given name registered in `Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Configuration` to a new version. This is necessary to use when you change your design documents as Doctrine CouchDB cannot efficiently know if a view definition is outdated or not.