Doctrine DBAL 2.5 RC2

Posted on September 12, 2014

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Doctrine DBAL 2.5 RC2, which fixes over 30 bugs including SQL Server LIMIT/OFFSET issues, several identifiers quotation issues, schema introspection related issues and many more. This release candidate also introduces some nice new features and improvements since Doctrine DBAL 2.5 BETA3:

  • Support for connection flags in the mysqli driver
  • Support for Spatial Indexes in MySQL
  • Support date arithmetic interval methods for seconds, minutes, weeks, quarters and years
  • Support for Partial Indexes in PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Doctrine\DBAL\Connections\MasterSlaveConnection can now be closed via close()
  • Ability to retrieve parameter types from the query builder
  • Make table alias in query builder optional for simple queries

We hope this will be the last release candidate before final release and you should expect to see the finished DBAL 2.5 very soon.

For details about all the new features in DBAL 2.5, see the previous release blog post and the Jira Release.

You can install the Release Candidate through Composer with the following version constraint:

    "require": {
        "doctrine/dbal": "2.5.0@RC"

DBAL 2.5 is backwards compatible to 2.4 and earlier in everything except for small details (See You can even test Doctrine DBAL 2.5 with a stable ORM 2.4 version.

If you find any problems with this beta, please report a bug on Jira.