Doctrine DBAL 2.5 BETA3

Posted on February 21, 2014 by default

We have released the BETA3 of DBAL 2.5 after some more work on the many new features. For early testers, we have refactored the Exception support again and removed the constants in favour of a nicely designed Exception hierarchy. Many other issues were fixed and we hope this will be the last beta release before a release candidate in early March and a final release in March as well.

For details about all the new features in DBAL 2.5, see the previous release blog post and the Jira Release.

You can install the BETA through Composer with the following version constraint::

    "require": {
        "doctrine/dbal": "2.5.0@beta"

DBAL 2.5 is backwards compatible to 2.4 and earlier in everything except small details (See You can even test Doctrine DBAL 2.5 with a stable DBAL 2.4 version.

If you find any problems with this beta, please report a bug on Jira.