Bringing it all together

Posted on May 27, 2010 by jwage

Recently we've been making some pretty serious changes around here. This blog post aims to overview it all and make sure people are aware of what is going on!

Website Changes

A few weeks ago I made some updates to the Doctrine website. Some said it looked like we took a step backwards. Well, we kind of did. I had to rip apart the website, remove old legacy code and reorganize things so that it can be integrated with the changes we wanted to make next. So I've sort of had to tear it all apart and put it back together a new way. It's been a bumpy road but we're starting to get the remaining issues worked out.

The Switch to git

The next big change we wanted to make was to switch to for our source control. This has a lot of impact on the project since everything is built around the source control, including the website. That is why the previous change was necessary in order to make this move complete.

Splitting Doctrine 2 Sources

The next step for us was to split the Doctrine 2 sources into separate repositories on github. So now the source code of the Common, DBAL, and ORM packages are truly separated.

This means the packages can evolve independently and will be maintained separately from now on. The website also has dedicated project pages for the DBAL and ORM with plenty of documentation.

Bringing it all together

The last piece that brings it all together is the new Guide for Doctrine Contributors and Collaborators. Now that we've moved to git we had to reinvent a lot of stuff we had already learned for SVN. Thanks to our git mentor David Abdemoulaie (hobodave) we have figured out a workable solution for dealing with the project dependencies via git submodules that does most of what we want. Through this process we all worked on some new documentation that detailed how contributors and collaborators for the Doctrine Project should work. We really hope that this will help get people involved with the project and mature things more.