Security Policy

This document explains how Doctrine security issues are handled by the core team and how you should report a security issue if you think you have discovered one.


If you think that you have found a security issue in Doctrine, please don't use the issue tracker in GitHub and don't publish it publicly. Instead, all security issues must be sent to [email protected]. Emails sent to this address are forwarded to the Doctrine core team private mailing-list.

While we are working on a patch, please do not reveal the issue publicly. The resolution can take anywhere between a couple of days, a month or an indefinite amount of time depending on its complexity.


The core team will first try to confirm the vulnerability. When it is confirmed, the core team works on a solution following these steps:

  1. Send an acknowledgement to the reporter.
  2. Work on a patch.
  3. Get a CVE identifier from
  4. Write a security announcement for the Doctrine blog about the vulnerability. This post should contain the following information:

    • a title that always include the "Security release" string.
    • a description of the vulnerability.
    • the affected versions.
    • the possible exploits.
    • how to patch/upgrade/workaround affected applications.
    • the CVE identifier.
    • credits.
  5. Send the patch and the announcement to the reporter for review.
  6. Apply the patch to all maintained versions of Doctrine.
  7. Release new versions for all affected versions.
  8. Publish the post on the Doctrine blog.