Migrations 2.0 Stable Released

Posted on January 9, 2019 by Jonathan H. Wage

Today we are very excited to announce the stable release of Doctrine Migrations 2.0. Almost 10 years ago on Mar 23, 2010, the first commit of the 1.0 codebase was created. The history of the Doctrine Migrations project actually even goes back further to the days of Doctrine1 ORM but this was before the days of GitHub, Composer, etc and I think some of that history has been lost. It is amazing to look back over the last decade at how much the PHP eco-system has changed. It makes us appreciate all the great tools we have, even with all their flaws.

What is in 2.0?

The 2.0 release should be a relatively easy upgrade for most people. The primary goal of the 2.0 release was to modernize the codebase according to Doctrine Coding Standards, PHPStan and all of the other standardized Doctrine project infrastructure that has evolved over the last few years. This will ensure the project is alive and relevant for another decade.

In addition to upgrading the infrastructure of the project, it came with a few new nice features:

You can view the full changelog in the release on GitHub.

This release contains 36 resolved issues with 71 pull requests coming from 18 different contributors. Thanks to the following people for their help with this release: