Doctrine DBAL 2.5.5 Released

Posted on September 9, 2016 by Marco Pivetta

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Doctrine DBAL 2.5.5.

This release contains a huge amount of fixes, specifically:

  • Parsing of SQL strings containing single quotes #842
  • Listing foreign key names when no DB name is used (use current DB instead) #856
  • Verifying if table names correspond on dropped foreign keys #861
  • Quoting identifiers in DROP DDL statements #862
  • Removing leading slash from database/schema names when using DSNs #863
  • Stopped using template1 as default database in Postgres #2279
  • Allowing "path" instead of "dbname" in SQLite connections #2267
  • Correcting DB2 boolean columns schema introspection #2277
  • Correcting OCI8 parameter binding, which was broken by upgrading to PHP 7.0 #2434
  • Quoting reserved table names when using TRUNCATE #2270
  • Fixing of DSN parsing when no schema is in the path #2287
  • Correcting query builder, which was adding a FROM clause even with no arguments for it #2292
  • Correcting altering primary key with AUTO_INCREMENT on MySQL (requires dropping/re-adding PK) #2303
  • Moving DB2 pagination (query modification) offset/limit count result to the end of the results #2310
  • Handling Throwable exceptions thrown in Connection#transactional() #2390
  • Correcting logging of parameters passed to a statement via bindParam() #2440
  • Allowing installation of symfony/console:^3.0 #2484
  • Correcing MySQLi statements, which were returning null instead of false on no results #2497


You can install the DBAL component using Composer:

composer require doctrine/dbal:^2.5.5

Please report any issues you may have with the update on the issue tracker.