Doctrine MongoDB ODM release 1.0.0

Posted on August 18, 2015 by Maciej Malarz

In observance of August 18th, the day that Jon Wage tagged Doctrine MongoDB ODM's first BETA release, we've come together for a big celebration. From humble beginnings as a weekend hack to port Doctrine 2's data mapper pattern to NoSQL, the ODM quickly became a beast of a project and cut its teeth on production servers early on as a core dependency of the very first Symfony2 startups. Today, after five years of adoption, improvements, refactoring, and countless jokes… we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Doctrine MongoDB ODM 1.0.0!

What is new in 1.0.0?

For our first stable release, we focused on fixing most known bugs (some of which were open for years), hardening existing features, and straightening out ODM's behaviour and correctness where possible. In hopes of ensuring a pleasant upgrade experience, we have prepared a checklist for you, which highlights the most important changes that may require your attention. A complete list of resolved issues and pull requests may be found on GitHub under the 1.0.0 milestone.

Behind the scenes: Doctrine MongoDB 1.2.0

We are also happy to announce the immediate availability of Doctrine MongoDB 1.2.0, which is the underlying driver abstraction layer employed by the ODM. In particular, this release sports a brand new Aggregation Builder, along with improved query builder support for update operators and and full-text search introduced in MongoDB 2.6. For a full list of closed issues and pull requests, please see the release notes on GitHub.

Stop fooling around, I want my BETA back!

We apologize for any inconvenience, but Doctrine MongoDB ODM has officially gone stable and we don't intend on shipping more BETAs anytime soon. Well, at least not until work begins on 2.0 :D