Doctrine Common 2.5.0 Release

Posted on April 2, 2015 by Marco Pivetta

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Doctrine Common `2.5.0`.


You can install this version of Doctrine Common by using Composer and the following composer.json contents:

    "require": {
        "doctrine/common": "2.5.0"

Changes since 2.4.x

This is a list of issues solved in 2.5.0 since 2.4.x:


  • [DCOM-129] - Annotation parser matches colon after annotation
  • [DCOM-151] - [GH-233] [DocParser] Fix trying include classes if its must be ignored.
  • [DCOM-162] - [GH-244] return parameter for debug method
  • [DCOM-168] - ignoredAnnotationNames doesn't work in Annotation loop
  • [DCOM-175] - Proxies return private properties in __sleep, which is not supported by PHP.
  • [DCOM-191] - Wrong inflection for "identity"
  • [DCOM-212] - [GH-296] Proxies shouldn't serialize static properties in __sleep()
  • [DCOM-216] - [GH-298] Silence E_NOTICE warning: "Undefined index".
  • [DCOM-220] - [GH-304] fix typo
  • [DCOM-223] - [GH-308] fix the optimize regex and adapt the tests to actually test classAnnotat...
  • [DCOM-228] - [GH-312] Improve UnexpectedValueException error message
  • [DCOM-261] - [GH-344] Fix fatal error when classexist tries to call the protected loader
  • [DCOM-270] - [GH-351] Added validation where allowed QCNs with ":" NS separator
  • [DCOM-272] - Proxy generator doesn't understand splat operator (PHP 5.6 argument unpacking)



New Feature

  • [DCOM-257] - [GH-342] Class metadata loading fallback hook in AbstractClassMetadataFactory
  • [DCOM-277] - [GH-357] Custom namespace separators for SymfonyFileLocator

Please report any issues you may have with the update on the mailing list or on Jira.