Doctrine Data Fixtures 1.0.1

Posted on March 22, 2015 by Sebastien Lavoie

We are happy to announce the immediate availability Doctrine Data Fixtures 1.0.1.

In all semver fashion, this is a bug fix release.

What is new in 1.0.x?

Please report any issues you may have with the update on Github.

  • Added Travis: 69c2230
  • Now supports table quoting for dropping joined tables: #180
  • Fixed ProxyReferenceRepository which was forcing to have a getId: 8ffac1c
  • Fixed identifiers retrieval on ReferenceRepository if Entity is not yet managed my UnitOfWork: dfc0dc9
  • Doctrine dependencies relaxed: 83a910f
  • Fix purging non-public schema tables: #171

Release RoadMap

We expect to release following versions containing the pending patches in the next days:

  • 1.1.0 on 2015-03-26
  • 1.2.0 within 2015-04

Please note that these dates may change depending on the availability of our team.