Doctrine ORM 2.5.0 BETA 1 Released

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Benjamin Eberlei, Marco Pivetta

We are happy to announce the immediate availability Doctrine ORM 2.5.0-beta1.

Due to day-job related responsibilities, we are a month behind our schedule. Please bear with us as we prepare this new release.

This is a pre-release meant to allow users and contributors to try out the new upcoming features of the ORM.

We encourage all of our users to help us by trying out this beta release. Please report any possible problems or incompatibilities that may have been introduced during development.

Starting from this release, no more new features or breaking changes will be allowed into the repository until `2.6.x` development starts.

What is new in 2.5.x?

We are currently in the process of documenting all the changes and new features that were introduced in Doctrine ORM 2.5.x.

You can find the current state of the 2.5.0 changes overview in the upgrade notes.

Release RoadMap

We expect to release following versions of the ORM in the next days:

  • 2.5.0-RC1 on 2015-03-25
  • 2.5.0 on 2015-04-02

Please note that these dates may change depending on the availability of our team.


You can install this version of the ORM by using Composer and the following composer.json contents:

    "require": {
        "doctrine/orm": "2.5.0-beta1"
    "minimum-stability": "dev"

Changes since 2.5.0-alpha2

This is a list of issues solved in 2.5.0-beta1 since 2.5.0-alpha2:

  • [DDC-3452] Embeddables Support for ClassMetadataBuilder
  • [DDC-3551] Load platform lazily in ClassMetadataFactory to avoid database connections.
  • [DDC-3258] Improve suport for composite primary keys and associations as keys.
  • [DDC-3554] Allow to recreate DQL QueryBuilder from parts.
  • [DDC-3461] Allow setting association as primary key in ClassMetadataBuilder API with makePrimaryKey().
  • [DDC-3587] Added programmatical support to define indexBy on root aliases.
  • [DDC-3588] Add support for seconds in DATE_ADD DQL function.
  • [DDC-3585] Fix instantiation of nested embeddables.
  • [DDC-3607] Add support for orphan removal in ClassMetadataBuilder/AssocationBuilder
  • [DDC-3597] Add support for embeddables in MappedSuperclasses.
  • [DDC-3616] Add support for DateTimeImmutable in Query parameter detection.
  • [DDC-3622] Improve support for objects as primary key by casting to string in UnitOfWork.
  • [DDC-3619] Update IdentityMap when entity gets managed again fixing spl_object_hash collision.
  • [DDC-3608] Fix bug in EntityGenerator to XML/YML with default values.
  • [DDC-3590] Fix bug in PostgreSQL with naming strategy of non-default schema tables.
  • [DDC-3566] Fix bug in Second-Level Cache with association identifiers.
  • [DDC-3528] Have PersistentCollection implement AbstractLazyCollection from doctrine/collections.
  • [DDC-3567] Allow access to all aliases for a QueryBuilder.

Please report any issues you may have with the update on the mailing list or on Jira.