Doctrine 2.3 Beta

Posted on July 16, 2012 by Benjamin Eberlei


We tagged the Doctrine 2.3 BETA1 release today. This includes tags for the Common, DBAL and ORM projects.

This release trys to keep backwards compatibility to every previous release as much as possible, however some slight changes might be necessary to your applications. See the UPGRADE files of each project for details:

This new release contains not single blockbuster feature, but very many little ones:

  • Custom ID Generators
  • Naming Strategies
  • Collection Criteria API
  • @AssociationOverride and @AttributeOverride (useful for Trait and MappedSuperclass)
  • Arbitrary JOIN Syntax (FROM User u JOIN Comment c WITH c.user =
  • Named Native Queries

We will flesh out the documentation and information about all new features in the coming beta phase. We hope to release the final version of Doctrine 2.3 just before the upcoming Symfony 2.1 release.

Please test this release with your applications and provide us with feedback about issues that you find.

You can install the Beta through Github or Composer:

    "require": {
        "doctrine/orm": "2.3.0-BETA1"