Whats next? Our Roadmap

Posted on January 13, 2011 by beberlei

Doctrine 2 is now stable for about three weeks and we are pretty happy about the increase in community discussions on IRC and mailing list. Additionally its good to see that we are not flooded with new bug reports and we can keep closing all the incoming issues very fast.

At this point you are probably interested in our roadmap for minor and bugfix releases.

  • We will release bugfix releases every other month
  • We target minor releases for every 6 month, leading with a four month implementation and then a beta + RC timespan of two month.

To be specific, 2.0.1 is scheduled for next week and 2.1 is scheduled for June 30th 2011.

You can follow the Tracker with all the features that are planned for 2.1:


You can already start testing 2.1 development with two new features as of last week: