Doctrine DBAL RC5 and ORM RC2 released

Posted on December 12, 2010 by beberlei

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Doctrine DBAL RC5 and Doctrine ORM RC2. There have been almost only minor bugfixes in both packages that came up in the last week.

There is one notable change in ORM: If you execute a DQL Query before RC2 a flush would be issued on the EntityManager if there were pending insertions. This flush has now been removed. It was never documented to be executed, so we don't think this will cause major pain to anyone. Just make sure to call flush explicitly whenever you need it.

See the changelogs for both projects:

Both DBAL and ORM are essentially bug-free. All the still open bug reports are either:

  • Improvement/feature requests (only marked as bug)
  • Minor and will be fixed in 2.1, because they need some refactorings. We will make sure that they appear in the Known Issues section before the final release.
  • Some trivial bugs in Tools/Console namespace that don't affect the core of the ORM. We are waiting for more feedback on those issues.

Expect these Release Candidates to be tagged as final if no critical or major issues are discovered in the next week.

You can grab the code from our downloads section or directly from Github.

In these last days before the final release we will focus on the documentation. As you might have noticed we already switched the ORM documentation to be rendered with Sphinx and ReStructured Text. You are now able to search the docs. We will update the layout to be more Doctrine friendly and migrate the other packages to Sphinx/ReST in the next days.