MongoDB ODM 1.0.0BETA1 Released

Posted on August 18, 2010 by jwage

Today I am happy to tell you we have released the first beta version of the MongoDB Object Document Mapper. It contains many fixes and general improvements across the code.

We fixed lots of things reported by our users in Jira but also made lots of other improvements like improving the use of atomic operators. Read on for a complete list of the issues fixed in Jira:

Fixed Jira Issues

  • [MODM-32] - dbref \$id persisted as string instead of objectid
  • [MODM-33] - Class-level annotations are ignored if set on MappedSuperclass
  • [MODM-34] - Custom Id always gets sent with changeset
  • [MODM-35] - Proxy item gets reset on persistent collection load if that item was in the collection
  • [MODM-36] - Embedded relations are not persisted after a flush()
  • [MODM-37] - Problems with EmbedMany and discrimatorMap and discriminatorField
  • [MODM-38] - Using YAML description with embedMany causes PHP notice error
  • [MODM-41] - Hydration down not work for annotation "@ReferenceMany"
  • [MODM-42] - PersistentCollection fails when working with MongoGridFs
  • [MODM-45] - Doctrine doesn't persist empty objects
  • [MODM-46] - @AlsoLoad annotation causes exception when used together with Embed/Reference annotations
  • [MODM-47] - @AlsoLoad annotation, used on method causes fatal error
  • [MODM-48] - Embedded document changes are ignored if it was empty before
  • [MODM-49] - Getting PHP notice and warning with empty persistent collection
  • [MODM-50] - GridFs file classes don't support inheritance
  • [MODM-43] - Explicit schema migration
  • [MODM-40] - Move value scalarization and comparison to Unit Of Work


You can directly download the PEAR package file here. You can manually extract the code or you can install the PEAR package file locally.

$ pear install /path/to/DoctrineMongoDBODM-1.0.0BETA1.tgz

Checkout from github

$ git clone git:// mongodb_odm
$ cd mongodb_odm
$ git checkout 1.0.0BETA1

Install via PEAR

$ pear install