Doctrine MongoDB ODM 1.0.0ALPHA2 Released

Posted on July 30, 2010 by jwage

Today I am happy to bring you the second alpha release of the brand new Doctrine MongoDB Object Document Mapper (ODM). The release contains several bug fixes and a few enhancements. You now have the ability to mix types of documents in references and embedded documents. You can read the blog post about mixing types of documents to learn more.


  • [MODM-12] - Undefined variable error
  • [MODM-13] - Problems with merge()
  • [MODM-14] - Default database when @Document annotation does not contain a db attribute.
  • [MODM-16] - loadById failing on custom ids
  • [MODM-17] - Multiple array / object with same content/properties do not get persisted
  • [MODM-19] - Field annotation missing "name" support
  • [MODM-20] - SINGLE\_COLLECTION inheritance does not work
  • [MODM-21] - AnnotationDriver doesn't allow custom types
  • [MODM-22] - Document incorrectly scheduled for update
  • [MODM-25] - AnnotationDriver.php Line 175
  • [MODM-28] - xml mapping : embedded-document node is ignored, can't persist


  • [MODM-24] - Hydratation of extra fields
  • [MODM-26] - MongoCursor doesn't implement Countable interface


You can directly download the PEAR package file here. You can manually extract the code or you can install the PEAR package file locally.

$ pear install /path/to/DoctrineMongoDBODM-1.0.0ALPHA2.tgz

Or you can checkout from github:

$ git clone git:// mongodb_odm
$ cd mongodb_odm
$ git checkout 1.0.0ALPHA2

And you can also install via PEAR:

$ pear install