Release of DBAL 2.0.0 Beta3 post

Posted on 2010-07-27 by beberlei

In preparation of the next ORM Beta Release in the next days we already released Doctrine DBAL 2.0.0BETA3 today. Noteworthy changes include:

  • BC Break: Changed behaviour of Postgres and Oracle DateTime now without Timezone (TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE instead of TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE) See Ticket DBAL-22 for more details aswell as migration issues for PostgreSQL and Oracle. This will be re-announced for the ORM Beta 3 release, which is affected from this change.
  • SQL Loggers can now log execution times of queries DBAL-11
  • Several Issue with AutoIncrement Detection in Doctrine

A total of 13 issues on DBAL has been fixed.


  • Changelog
  • Installation

    NOTE DBAL BETA 3 is not currently compatible with the ORM master, we still have to make some changes. Please wait to use DBAL Beta 3 with ORM until the ORM Beta 3 is released.