The Switch to git

Posted on May 13, 2010 by jwage

Now that the dust has settled from the move to git I suppose it is time for a blog post. About a month ago, we made the decision to switch the Doctrine projects source control to git. Like many other open source projects , we also chose to host our repositories. Github brings a whole new level of collaborative coding to the Doctrine community and I can already see more people getting involved because of it.

Still want to use SVN?

If you still want to use subversion externals in your project, you can do so by using the read-only SVN features of

You can read about this feature on the github blog.

Need to learn git?

Through the process of moving to git, we have all had to learn lots but it could not have been done without the Pro Git Book. It is an awesome book written by Scott Chacon who works at github and is a git guru among other things.. The book can be ordered or can be read online for free!

Want to contribute to Doctrine?

If you are interested in contributing to the Doctrine project, you will need to fork one of the Doctrine repositories and submit your modifications. You can read more about how to "Fork a project and submit your modifications" on the github website.