Doctrine 1.2.1 Released

Posted on December 7, 2009 by jwage

Today we are happy to bring you the first maintenance release for the Doctrine 1.2 version. We will continue to have regular maintenance releases for the 1.2 branch for the next 18 months. On average we will have one release per month containing bug fixes only. These releases are meant to be fully backwards compatible so it is recommended that you upgrade right away!

Below are some of the changes made in this release:

  • [r6834] Fixing issue with relationship ordering
  • [r6835] Fixes issue with oracle adapter statement using wrong constant
  • [r6836] Fixing issue with sfYaml autoload not returning true
  • [r6839] Fixes issue with array cache driver and deleting
  • [r6840] Fixed thrown Exceptions to be package-level
  • [r6842] Fixes issue with \$length in migrations addColumn
  • [r6859] Fixed misplaced param when parsing join condition
  • [r6883] Added empty init() method implementation to avoid method does not exist error
  • [r6889] Fixing issue with nested set createRoot() method and string root column
  • [r6893] Adding \_cleanup() call to start of migrations diff to make sure directory is clean

You can view the full change log and download now! If you encounter any issues please report them in Jira.