Doctrine 1.2.0 Stable Released

Posted on November 30, 2009 by jwage

Today I am very happy to announce that Doctrine 1.2.0 stable has been released. This is a very significant release for Doctrine as it contains a lot of valuable enhancements and bug fixes. This will most likely be the last new version of the Doctrine 1 branch that we release. This means that it is the last LTS(long term support) release as it is supported for a full 18 months. Below is the current proposed support schedule for the available Doctrine 1 versions.

| Version | Supported Until | | ---------------------- | --------------------- | | Doctrine 1.0 | 03/01/2010 | | Doctrine 1.1 | 03/01/2010 | | Doctrine 1.2 | 06/01/2011 |

Originally 1.1 was scheduled to end support on 11/01/2009, but we have decided to support it until 03/01/2010 to give people enough time to upgrade to 1.2. After 03/01/2010 Doctrine 1.2 will be the only actively supported version of Doctrine 1.

Release Highlights

Below you will find some of the highlights from this release. Of course you can view the full upgrade page to see all the new things in Doctrine 1.2.

Please, download Doctrine 1.2 today and give it a try. Let us know any problems you have by reporting a new issue in Jira.