Moving to JIRA

Posted on September 14, 2009 by romanb

While we really like Trac, especially its subversion integration, it has a lot of shortcomings for bigger projects in the area of project & issue/ticket management. Hence we decided to evaluate alternatives and ended up with choosing JIRA. Its normally not free software but the generous guys from Atlassian granted us a free open source license. A big thanks from all of us to Atlassian for their support of open source projects.

From now on all the project management, release management and issue/ticket management will happen in our new JIRA instance. While it is open for everyone in read-only mode, we strongly encourage you to create an account soon so that you can create/modify/comment issues and content in JIRA.

Trac is from now on closed for tickets. All new tickets need to be reported through JIRA. We are not going to automatically import all tickets from Trac to JIRA because that does not work very well and would require to import all user accounts as well, which can not be done easily either. We will continue to work on the "old" tickets, always starting with porting a ticket over to JIRA before working on it. If you want to help, you recreate tickets that are especially important to you in JIRA yourself. You can still log in to Trac and view tickets for the purpose of migrating them to JIRA but you can not modify them or create new ones.

CAUTION When you recreate an issue in JIRA, please make sure you close the issue in Trac with the resolution: "migrated".

Trac will not be completely shut down, however. The following functionality will stay open:

  • Wiki
  • Timeline
  • Browse Source

That is, the wiki and the subversion integration. We basically use Trac as the subversion viewer that we coupled with JIRA. Any changeset numbers or file references in JIRA issues will link to the changesets/sources in Trac.

We're looking forward to working with JIRA and we think it is an improvement for all users. We hope you enjoy all the new functionality provided by JIRA, like voting for issues that are important to you, tracking issues and much more.

So, head over to our JIRA instance , create an account and start creating issues and explore the features.