Major Site Enhancements

Posted on July 4, 2009 by jwage

You've probably noticed over the past few days I have rolled out some major new site enhancements. You can find more information below about all the changes made.

Register Now!

I have opened up a new registration portal on the Doctrine website. This will create a login both on the website and Trac and is also connected to your SVN account if you choose to request access.

Login Now!

Once you have registered you can login to the website and Trac. This will make some extra functionality available for you to manage your user information.

New Extensions Repository

A place where you can browse, search and find out what extensions are available for Doctrine. It contains documentation, ability to run the unit tests and download the code.

Check it out here.

User Documentation Area

For a long time I have wanted to have an area of the website where users could manage as much user contributed documentation as they want. I have started the new site with a tutorial on how to write an extension.

New Homepage Look

I have slightly tweaked the homepage design to match the design of the new Doctrine book. This is our first book so if you want to support the Doctrine project or just want to learn about Doctrine then we suggest you purchase a copy! :)

Manage your User Account

Central location where you can manage all the information you control as a Doctrine authenticated user. You can see what extensions you've written, control your user contributed documentation, request SVN access and update your account information. Check it out here.

These changes are primarily based around the new extensions repository which is available for Doctrine 1.2. You can read about what else is new in Doctrine 1.2 here.