Want to contribute to Doctrine?

Posted on May 27, 2009 by jwage

Looking for Developers

We've been on the hunt for more Doctrine contributors. As the number of users of Doctrine grew we expected the number of commiters to rise with it but this has not been the case. We do get a lot of small patches here and there, but we are hoping for some of them to grow in to full-time core developers that are involved with all the decisions made about Doctrine.

Call to the community

You can see Roman made a call to the Doctrine developers mailing list here about the issue. We are taking all the feedback in to consideration and we have started by creating a contribute page that is linked from the primary menu of the website. We hope that this will help with new users finding information faster about how they can get started contributing.

Other Ideas

If you have any additional ideas about how we can promote contributing to Doctrine you can discuss them in the comments or on the mailing list thread.