Doctrine 1.1 Released

Posted on March 16, 2009 by jwage

Today I am very pleased to bring news to you that Doctrine 1.1.0 stable is available. This is a significant release for the 1.x code base. It contains dozens of new features and bug fixes. The 1.1 test suite now has 0 fails in the test suite compared to 1.0 having 12! We recommend you upgrade your projects.

NOTE Some have asked whether 1.1 has all the same bug fixes that are in 1.0. The answer is yes. We are committed to maintaining both branches and will continue committing fixes to all branches when it applies.


  • New hydration methods
  • New migration diff tool
  • Better custom accessor/mutator support and integration with fromArray() and toArray()
  • Improvements to getModified(), toArray(), fromArray(), synchronizeWithArray()
  • Improvements to core behaviors Searchable, SoftDelete, Versionable
  • Dozens of small improvements and additions across the api
  • Plenty of other bug fixes

You can read a detailed list of all the changes made in 1.1 here in the upgrade file.


As always you can get Doctrine on the download page or via pear.

$ pear install

You can also check it out via svn.

$ svn co doctrine

If you find any problems with this release please report it on our trac or if you have any questions you can send it to one of our mailing lists.