Release Candidate 2 Available

Posted on August 27, 2008 by jwage

Only two days after making available the first release candidate we have prepared the second release candidate and made it available for download. This release contains dozens and dozens of bug fixes as well as a few new minor features required to fill some holes/gaps in the 1.0 API before releasing. Below are some highlights of this release.

  • \#1077 - Implemented Accessor Overriding
  • \#1331 - Implemented orWhere() support to Doctrine\_Query API
  • Finished Searchable Behavior API and added Documentation
  • \#1319 - Added relationship reverse engineering support for MSSQL
  • Completed Named Query Supportand added Documentation
  • Turned Portability Mode off by Default
  • 100+ changeses/70+ Tickets Closed

We will have one more release candidate on either Friday or Saturday of this week and Doctrine 1.0 Stable will be released Monday September 1st 2008. If you haven't given the 1.0 branch a try yet, please do so and report any issues to us so that we can get them fixed before Monday. Thanks!