Moving Quickly

Posted on August 27, 2008 by jwage

Right out of the gate we're moving extremely fast. Only two days in to working full-time on the project we've made some significant pushes forward. On Monday we made available the first 1.0 Release Candidate and then immediately began working on the second and final release candidate. This milestone is extremely significant as it already contains over 70 closed tickets! It will be released either Wednesday or Thursday and 1.0 Stable will follow after it on Monday September 1st. Below are some other highlights on the progress made so far.

Website Updates

New API Documentation Index

New Method Summary List

RC2 Development Highlights

  • Fixed Searchable behavior and added missing Documentation
  • Added Database Reverse Engineering for MSSQL
  • Documented Named Query Support
  • The heavily anticipated orWhere() support has been introduced to Doctrine\_Query
  • Dozens of commits and over 70 closed tickets