0.11.0 Stable Released

Posted on June 24, 2008 by jwage

Today, I would like to introduce the latest stable version of Doctrine, 0.11.0. This release is a major release but it contains bug fixes only. It contains a few BC enhancements that were required in order to fix some bugs. We recommend everyone upgrade to 0.11. Below are some highlights of this release.

  • 131 Tickets Closed
  • [4433] Introduced preDql\*() Hooks
  • Introduced SoftDelete Behavior
  • Introduced Application Level Cascading Deletes
  • Many fixes to Behavior system, primarily Nesting Behaviors.

Another item worth mentioning about the 0.11 release is that the integration between Doctrine and symfony has evolved quite well over the first quarter of 2008 as symfony 1.1 is coming out and 0.11 is released. The integration between symfony 1.1 and Doctrine with sfDoctrinePlugin is now officially supported by the symfony core team and we will slowly be introducing more documentation over the coming months.