Website upgraded to symfony 1.1 and Doctrine 0.11

Posted on May 3, 2008 by jwage

Today I have upgraded the Doctrine website to symfony 1.1 and Doctrine 0.11. The integration between the symfony framework and Doctrine with sfDoctrinePlugin has become pretty complete in the last few days. It now has all the same functionality as the bundled sfPropelPlugin with symfony 1.1 plus dozens more features a long with the Doctrine DBAL and ORM. The main features introduced to the symfony framework are migrations, DQL, behaviors, inheritance and a sprinkle of additional admin generator features. I have also completely re-ported sfGuardDoctrinePlugin from sfGuardPlugin so it is in sync with it and has exactly the same features, nothing more. The removed functionality will be moved to separate plugins that work with sfGuardDoctrinePlugin.

The source of the Doctrine website can be gotten from svn here [](