4,000th svn commit/revision

Posted on March 16, 2008 by jwage

This evening Doctrine reached a milestone of four thousand commits in svn. Doctrine has maintained steady development for almost three years strong, and we feel this milestone is very significant for the evolution of Doctrine. Today, we would like to announce that the first generation of Doctrine, also know as 0.10, will be the first real candidate for the first(second) stable 1.0 version. After 3 point releases of the 0.10 branch we have fixed over 100 tickets, and made huge steps towards the first stable release of Doctrine. Several months ago, we decided to make a feature freeze as 0.9 branch, so that we could continue on going refactorings to Doctrine while providing a stable branch for our users. Now, several months later, we have evolved to 0.10 and are beginning to become more and more stable. We have also decided that the developments in trunk are so significant that they deserve a title of Doctrine 2.0, the second generation of Doctrine.

Now, we need some help from our users. The 0.10 branch is down to one failing test case(soon to be fixed). With over 100 unfixed tickets, and 1 failing test case, this means we need some failing test case writing done :) As I've said before, the best way to ensure your issue is fixed, is to create a failing test case replicating the issue. You can read about how to write test cases for the 0.10 branch here.