A few updates for 2008

Posted on January 25, 2008 by jwage

Some of these announcements are a little late but I think they deserve a proper announcement.

First, we have setup a way for you to give us all your money :) Please feel free to give a little. The purpose of the Doctrine donation collection is simple. The creators of Doctrine don't work on this great product for any money. The contributions are made out of the pure enjoyment of working on a great open source project such as Doctrine. It is not totally clear what exactly the donations will be used for now, but in the future they may be used to fund infrastructure expenses required by the project, sending developers to conferences, marketing, or even split amongst the developers of Doctrine. So if you or your company uses Doctrine and are happy with it, a donation to further the project would be much appreciated.

Secondly, we have made some updates to the website. Specifically the Download page. It now has proper links to packages and svn for each release of Doctrine. These packages are generated nightly from the source in svn.

Finally, as some of you all may already know, we have finally gotten our release/package management under control and you can expect stability in the area of releases, branches and BC breaks!