Cleaning up the mess

Posted on January 16, 2008 by guilhermeblanco

Starting from last blog post, development team went under some general discussions to reach a commom sense regarding the project versions. We are finally organizing our project from a non-versioned stage to a versionable stage, which was causing a lot troubles to everyone. Currently we are under heavy development to reach a stable version of 1.0 release. Until here, we are under some internal refactorings and we decided to create a branch which we named 1.0beta2. Since then, we got a feature freeze version and without big refactorings. The trunk went under big changes and we decided to not keep the 1.0beta2 as the branch name; we renamed it 0.10. We know it is a big impact for those that checked-out the branch, but we think it is safer to do it now instead of have to deal with versions confusion in a near future. It's the best organization we can reach and it's the last one (thanks God!). Now that we have the branches 0.9 and 0.10, it is time to define minor versions. We caught from our history what was the first release of 0.9 and we tagged it as 0.9.0. We also got the old 1.0beta2 release and tagged it as 0.10-beta2. So currently we have 2 commit-free tagged versions and 2 branches with feature freeze. We highly discourage users from using trunk, since it is a very unstable environment and your code may not work. Please update your repository locations. These are the changes we did: tags/1.0beta1 => tags/0.9.0 tags/1.0beta2 => tags/0.10-beta2 branches/1.0beta2 => branches/0.10 branches/0.9 => no change We also schedule new tagged releases in a near future. The next releases will be 0.9.1 and 0.10-rc1. You can join #doctrine channel (at or group list to follow discussions regarding this subject. We apologize the mess we caused to users until now and we hope to not have this problem again, specially because we didn't have much release management knowledge. Thanks.