Doctrine Common 2.5.0 Release

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Doctrine Common 2.5.0.


You can install this version of Doctrine Common by using Composer and the following composer.json contents:

    "require": {
        "doctrine/common": "2.5.0"

Changes since 2.4.x

This is a list of issues solved in 2.5.0 since 2.4.x:


  • [DCOM-129] - Annotation parser matches colon after annotation
  • [DCOM-151] - [GH-233] [DocParser] Fix trying include classes if its must be ignored.
  • [DCOM-162] - [GH-244] return parameter for debug method
  • [DCOM-168] - ignoredAnnotationNames doesn’t work in Annotation loop
  • [DCOM-175] - Proxies return private properties in __sleep, which is not supported by PHP.
  • [DCOM-191] - Wrong inflection for “identity”
  • [DCOM-212] - [GH-296] Proxies shouldn’t serialize static properties in __sleep()
  • [DCOM-216] - [GH-298] Silence E_NOTICE warning: “Undefined index”.
  • [DCOM-220] - [GH-304] fix typo
  • [DCOM-223] - [GH-308] fix the optimize regex and adapt the tests to actually test classAnnotat...
  • [DCOM-228] - [GH-312] Improve UnexpectedValueException error message
  • [DCOM-261] - [GH-344] Fix fatal error when classexist tries to call the protected loader
  • [DCOM-270] - [GH-351] Added validation where allowed QCNs with ”:” NS separator
  • [DCOM-272] - Proxy generator doesn’t understand splat operator (PHP 5.6 argument unpacking)



New Feature

  • [DCOM-257] - [GH-342] Class metadata loading fallback hook in AbstractClassMetadataFactory
  • [DCOM-277] - [GH-357] Custom namespace separators for SymfonyFileLocator

Please report any issues you may have with the update on the mailing list or on Jira.

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