Children collection class.
Configuration class.
Base class for DocumentManager decorators.
Stores the class mapping in the phpcr:class attribute.
Document Manager.
DocumentManager interface.
A DocumentRepository serves as a repository for documents with generic as well as business specific methods for retrieving documents.
This class represents an abstract "file".
This class represents a JCR file, aka nt:file.
This class represents a Folder in the repository, aka nt:folder.
This class represents an arbitrary node.
This class represents a jcr nt:resource and is used by the File document.
A method invoker based on document lifecycle.
InvalidArgumentException for the PHPCR-ODM.
Missing translation exception class.
The requested class did not match the data found in the repository.
InvalidArgumentException for the PHPCR-ODM.
InvalidArgumentException for the PHPCR-ODM.
RuntimeException for the PHPCR-ODM.
Interface for objects that resolve to the node type nt:hierarchyNode, like the File and Folder documents.
Generator to handle explicitly assigned repository paths.
Generate the id using the auto naming strategy.
Used to abstract ID generation.
Generate the id from the nodename and the parent mapping fields. Simply uses the parent id and appends the nodename field.
Interface to be implemented by repositories that should act as id generator.
Immutable referrer collection class.
The name of this node as in PHPCR\NodeInterface::getName.
The parent of this node as in PHPCR\NodeInterface::getParent Parent is a reserved keyword in php, thus we use ParentDocument as name.
base class for all property types.
base class for the reference types.
Base class for all the translatable properties (i.e. every property but Uuid and Version).
Metadata class.
The ClassMetadataFactory is used to create ClassMetadata objects that contain all the metadata mapping information of a class which describes how a class should be mapped to a document database.
The AnnotationDriver reads the mapping metadata from docblock annotations.
The BuiltinDocumentsDriver is used internally to make sure that the mapping for the built-in documents can be loaded.
XmlDriver is a metadata driver that enables mapping through XML files.
The YamlDriver reads the mapping metadata from yaml schema files.
Mapping exception class.
Encapsulates the logic for registering system node types.
Basic exception class for Doctrine PHPCR-ODM.
Marker interface that all Doctrine PHPCR-ODM exceptions implement.
Persistent collection class.
This factory is used to create proxy objects for entities at runtime.
Special class for leaf nodes. Leaf nodes have no children and always return the parent rather than themselves.
All QueryBuilder nodes extend this class.
Contraint which evaluates to true when all its child constraints evaluate to true.
Constraint evaluates to true if aliased node is a child of the given parent path for the given alias.
Constraint which evaluates to true if the dynamic child operand and the static child operand evaluate to true when operated upon by the given operator.
Constraint which evaluates to true when the aliased document path is a descendant of the specified ancestor path.
This factory node provides both leaf and factory nodes all of which return nodes of type "constraint".
Constraint which evaluates to true if the specified field on the aliased document isset, or alternatively speaking, is not-null.
Constraint the evaluates to true if the named field on the aliased document evaluates to true against the given full text search expression.
Constraint which evaluates to the opposite truth of its child operand.
Constraint which evaluates to true if any one of its children evaluates to true.
Constraint which evaluates to true if the aliased document is reachable by the specified path.
Base class for PHPCR based query converters.
Class which converts a Builder tree to a PHPCR Query.
The From node specifies the document source (or sources in the case of a join).
Factory node for dynamic operands.
Operand evaluates to the value of the given field of the aliased document.
Dynamic operand which evaluates to the lowercased value of the child operand.
Operand which evaluates to the upper case version of its child operand.
Factory node for all operands, both dynamic and static.
Factory node for static operands.
Factory node for order by.
Node for adding an additional order by.
The Query Builder root node.
Factory node for adding selection fields.
Factory node for adding additional selection fields.
Abstract factory node class for Sources.
Factory node for join conditions.
Factory node for "left" source in join.
Factory node for "right" source in join.
Factory node for where.
Factory node for appending additional "wheres" with an AND.
Factory node for appending additional "wheres" with an OR.
This class purpose is to provide provide a place for the LIKE constant. Everything else is handled in Doctrine\Common\Collections\Expr\Comparison.
Property collection class.
Referrer collection class.
This factory is used to create default repository objects for entities at runtime.
Interface for document repository factory.
Convert translated fields of a document class from an old translation format or untranslated.
Command to generate the official query builder reference.
Command to (re)generate the proxy classes used by doctrine.
Show information about mapped documents.
Command to register the phcpr-odm required node types.
Verify that any documents which are mapped as having unique node types are truly unique.
Helper class to make DocumentManager available to console command.
Used by CLI Tools to restrict entity-based commands to given patterns.
This helper collects information about what nodes will be loaded when creating a document proxy and allows to load them in one go, even for a collection.
Migrate a field that has become translated or changed its translation strategy.
Provides unique node type mapping verification.
Utility class to help making test assertions on the query builders nodes easier.
Class to get the list of preferred locales.
Interface to get the list of preferred locales.
Missing translation exception class.
Translation strategy that stores the translations in attributes of the same node.
Translation strategy that stores the translations in a child nodes of the current node.
A dummy translation strategy for non-translated fields.
When loading many translated documents, this could lead to a separate PHPCR request for each translation. A translation strategy can implement this interface to be noticed when many nodes are loaded and pre-fetch all of them in one go.
Operations that a translation strategy must support.
Unit of work class.
Class to mark the current version of the PHPCR ODM.