Provides an API for querying/managing the second level cache regions.
Cache entry interface
Contract for building second level cache regions components.
Hydrator cache entry for collections
Defines contract for concurrently managed data region.
Hydrator cache entry for entities
Exception for cache.
Interface for logging.
Defines a region that supports multi-get reading.
Interface for persister that support second level cache.
Interface for second level cache collection persisters.
Interface for second level cache entity persisters.
Defines the contract for caches capable of storing query results.
Cache query validator interface.
Defines a contract for accessing a particular named region.
Defines the contract for a cache region which will specifically be used to store entity "update timestamps".
Makes a Persistent Object aware of its own object-manager.
EntityManager interface
Marker interface for all ORM exceptions.
This interface should be implemented by all exceptions in the Repository namespace.
Contract for metadata drivers.
A resolver is used to instantiate an entity listener.
Interface ClassMetadataResolver
A set of rules for determining the physical column and table names
Define the behavior that should be implemented by all collection persisters.
Entity persister interface Define the behavior that should be implemented by all entity persisters.
Interface for walkers of DQL ASTs (abstract syntax trees).
Very simple reflection service abstraction.
Interface for entity repository factory.