class CachedPersisterContext (View source)

A swappable persister context to use as a container for the current generated query/resultSetMapping/type binding information.

This class is a utility class to be used only by the persister API

This object is highly mutable due to performance reasons. Same reasoning behind its properties being public.


ClassMetadata $class Metadata object that describes the mapping of the mapped entity class.
ResultSetMapping $rsm ResultSetMapping that is used for all queries. Is generated lazily once per request.
string|null $selectColumnListSql The SELECT column list SQL fragment used for querying entities by this persister.
string $selectJoinSql The JOIN SQL fragment used to eagerly load all many-to-one and one-to-one associations configured as FetchMode::EAGER, as well as all inverse one-to-one associations.
int $sqlAliasCounter Counter for creating unique SQL table and column aliases.
string[] $sqlTableAliases Map from class names (FQCN) to the corresponding generated SQL table aliases.
bool $handlesLimits Whether this persistent context is considering limit operations applied to the selection queries


__construct(ClassMetadata $class, ResultSetMapping $rsm, $handlesLimits)

No description


__construct(ClassMetadata $class, ResultSetMapping $rsm, $handlesLimits)


ClassMetadata $class
ResultSetMapping $rsm