Base contract for ORM queries. Base class for Query and NativeQuery.
Configuration container for all configuration options of Doctrine.
Exception thrown when a Proxy fails to retrieve an Entity result.
An EntityRepository serves as a repository for entities with generic as well as business specific methods for retrieving entities.
Container for all ORM events.
A lazy collection that allow a fast count when using criteria object Once count gets executed once without collection being initialized, result is cached and returned on subsequent calls until collection gets loaded, then returning the number of loaded results.
Represents a native SQL query.
Exception thrown when an ORM query unexpectedly returns more than one result.
Contains exception messages for all invalid lifecycle state exceptions inside UnitOfWork
A PersistentCollection represents a collection of elements that have persistent state.
A Query object represents a DQL query.
This class is responsible for building DQL query strings via an object oriented PHP interface.
The UnitOfWork is responsible for tracking changes to objects during an "object-level" transaction and for writing out changes to the database in the correct order.
Class to store and retrieve the version of Doctrine


Provides an API for querying/managing the second level cache regions.
EntityManager interface


Exception thrown when an ORM query unexpectedly does not return any results.
Base exception class for all ORM exceptions.
An OptimisticLockException is thrown when a version check on an object that uses optimistic locking through a version field fails.
Pessimistic Lock Exception
Is thrown when a transaction is required for the current operation, but there is none open.
Exception for a unexpected query result.