Configuration class for the DocumentManager. When setting up your DocumentManager you can optionally specify an instance of this class as the second argument.
Wrapper for the Doctrine\MongoDB\Cursor class.
The DocumentManager class is the central access point for managing the persistence of documents.
Class for exception when encountering proxy object that has an identifier that does not exist in the database.
A DocumentRepository serves as a repository for documents with generic as well as business specific methods for retrieving documents.
EagerCursor deprecated
EagerCursor wraps a Cursor instance and fetches all of its results upon initialization.
Container for all ODM events.
Contains all MongoDB ODM LockModes
A PersistentCollection represents a collection of elements that have persistent state.
The UnitOfWork is responsible for tracking changes to objects during an "object-level" transaction and for writing out changes to the database in the correct order.


Class for all exceptions related to the Doctrine MongoDB ODM