AbstractMigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The AbstractMigration class is for end users to extend from when creating migrations. Extend this class and implement the required up() and down() methods.
AbstractMigration::abortIf() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractMigration::addSql() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractFileConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration
The AbstractFileConfiguration class is responsible for loading migration configuration information from a file.
ArrayConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration
The ArrayConfiguration class is responsible for loading migration configuration information from a PHP file.
Configuration::areMigrationsOrganizedByYear() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::areMigrationsOrganizedByYearAndMonth() — Method in class Configuration
ArrayConnectionConfigurationLoaderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Connection\Loader
The ArrayConnectionConfigurationLoader class is responsible for loading a Doctrine\DBAL\Connection from a PHP file that returns an array of connection information which is used to instantiate a connection with DriverManager::getConnection()
AutoCommitListenerClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Event\Listeners
Listens for onMigrationsMigrated and, if the connection has autocommit makes sure to do the final commit to ensure changes stick around.
AbortMigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
AlreadyAtVersionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
MigrationRepository::addVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::addVersions() — Method in class MigrationRepository
AbstractCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The AbstractCommand class provides base functionality for the other migrations commands to extend from.
AbstractCommand::askConfirmation() — Method in class AbstractCommand
ConsoleRunner::addCommands() — Method in class ConsoleRunner
AliasResolverClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The AliasResolver class is responsible for resolving aliases like first, current, etc. to the actual version number.
Executor::addSql() — Method in class Executor
ExecutorInterface::addSql() — Method in class ExecutorInterface
Version::addSql() — Method in class Version


FileBuilder::buildMigrationFile() — Method in class FileBuilder
BooleanStringFormatterClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools
The BooleanStringFormatter class is responsible for formatting a string boolean representation to a PHP boolean value.
BytesFormatterClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools
The BytesFormatter class is responsible for converting a bytes integer to a more human readable string.


$AbstractMigration#connectionProperty in class AbstractMigration
ConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration
The Configuration class is responsible for defining migration configuration information.
Configuration::createMigrationTable() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::connect() — Method in class Configuration
Explicitely opens the database connection. This is done to play nice with DBAL's MasterSlaveConnection. Which, in some cases, connects to a follower when fetching the executed migrations. If a follower is lagging significantly behind that means the migrations system may see unexecuted migrations that were actually executed earlier.
ConnectionLoaderInterfaceClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Connection
The ConnectionLoaderInterface defines the interface used to load the Doctrine\DBAL\Connection instance to use for migrations.
ConnectionLoaderInterface::chosen() — Method in class ConnectionLoaderInterface
Read the input and return a Connection, returns null if the config is not supported.
ArrayConnectionConfigurationLoader::chosen() — Method in class ArrayConnectionConfigurationLoader
Read the input and return a Configuration, returns null if the config is not supported.
ConnectionConfigurationChainLoaderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Connection\Loader
The ConnectionConfigurationChainLoader class is responsible for loading a Doctrine\DBAL\Connection from an array of loaders. The first one to return a Connection is used.
ConnectionConfigurationChainLoader::chosen() — Method in class ConnectionConfigurationChainLoader
Read the input and return a Configuration, returns null if the config is not supported.
ConnectionConfigurationLoaderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Connection\Loader
The ConnectionConfigurationLoader class is responsible for loading a Doctrine\DBAL\Connection from the Migrations Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Configuration::getConnection() method.
ConnectionConfigurationLoader::chosen() — Method in class ConnectionConfigurationLoader
Read the input and return a Configuration, returns null if the config is not supported.
ConnectionHelperLoaderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Connection\Loader
The ConnectionHelperLoader is responsible for loading a Doctrine\DBAL\Connection from a Symfony Console HelperSet.
ConnectionHelperLoader::chosen() — Method in class ConnectionHelperLoader
Read the input and return a Configuration, returns null if the config is not supported.
ConfigurationExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
ControlExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
MigrationRepository::clearVersions() — Method in class MigrationRepository
LazySchemaDiffProvider::createFromSchema() — Method in class LazySchemaDiffProvider
LazySchemaDiffProvider::createToSchema() — Method in class LazySchemaDiffProvider
OrmSchemaProvider::createSchema() — Method in class OrmSchemaProvider
SchemaDiffProvider::createFromSchema() — Method in class SchemaDiffProvider
SchemaDiffProvider::createToSchema() — Method in class SchemaDiffProvider
SchemaDiffProviderInterface::createFromSchema() — Method in class SchemaDiffProviderInterface
SchemaDiffProviderInterface::createToSchema() — Method in class SchemaDiffProviderInterface
SchemaProviderInterface::createSchema() — Method in class SchemaProviderInterface
StubSchemaProvider::createSchema() — Method in class StubSchemaProvider
$AbstractCommand#configurationProperty in class AbstractCommand
$AbstractCommand#connectionProperty in class AbstractCommand
AbstractCommand::configure() — Method in class AbstractCommand
AbstractCommand::canExecute() — Method in class AbstractCommand
DiffCommand::configure() — Method in class DiffCommand
DiffCommand::createMigrationDiffGenerator() — Method in class DiffCommand
DumpSchemaCommand::configure() — Method in class DumpSchemaCommand
ExecuteCommand::configure() — Method in class ExecuteCommand
GenerateCommand::configure() — Method in class GenerateCommand
LatestCommand::configure() — Method in class LatestCommand
MigrateCommand::configure() — Method in class MigrateCommand
MigrateCommand::createMigrator() — Method in class MigrateCommand
RollupCommand::configure() — Method in class RollupCommand
StatusCommand::configure() — Method in class StatusCommand
UpToDateCommand::configure() — Method in class UpToDateCommand
VersionCommand::configure() — Method in class VersionCommand
ConnectionLoaderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console
The ConnectionLoader class is responsible for loading the Doctrine\DBAL\Connection instance to use for migrations.
ConnectionLoader::createConnectionConfigurationChainLoader() — Method in class ConnectionLoader
ConsoleRunnerClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console
The ConsoleRunner class is used to create the Symfony Console application for the Doctrine Migrations console.
ConsoleRunner::createApplication() — Method in class ConsoleRunner
ConnectionNotSpecifiedClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
ConsoleExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
ConfigurationHelperClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Helper
The ConfigurationHelper class is responsible for getting the Configuration instance from one of the supported methods for defining the configuration for your migrations.
ConfigurationHelperInterfaceClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Helper
The ConfigurationHelperInterface defines the interface for getting the Configuration instance to be used for migrations.
TableDefinition::createDBALTable() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableManipulator::createMigrationTable() — Method in class TableManipulator
TableUpdater::createSchema() — Method in class TableUpdater
Factory::createVersion() — Method in class Factory


AbstractMigration::down() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractFileConfiguration::doLoad() — Method in class AbstractFileConfiguration
Abstract method that each file configuration driver must implement to load the given configuration file whether it be xml, yaml, etc. or something else.
ArrayConfiguration::doLoad() — Method in class ArrayConfiguration
Configuration::dispatchMigrationEvent() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::dispatchVersionEvent() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::dispatchEvent() — Method in class Configuration
JsonConfiguration::doLoad() — Method in class JsonConfiguration
XmlConfiguration::doLoad() — Method in class XmlConfiguration
YamlConfiguration::doLoad() — Method in class YamlConfiguration
DependencyFactoryClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The DepenencyFactory is responsible for wiring up and managing internal class dependencies.
EventDispatcher::dispatchMigrationEvent() — Method in class EventDispatcher
EventDispatcher::dispatchVersionEvent() — Method in class EventDispatcher
EventDispatcher::dispatchEvent() — Method in class EventDispatcher
DuplicateMigrationVersionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
DiffGeneratorClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Generator
The DiffGenerator class is responsible for comparing two Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema instances and generating a migration class with the SQL statements needed to migrate from one schema to the other.
SchemaDumper::dump() — Method in class SchemaDumper
$AbstractCommand#dependencyFactoryProperty in class AbstractCommand
DiffCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The DiffCommand class is responsible for generating a migration by comparing your current database schema to your mapping information.
DumpSchemaCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The DumpSchemaCommand class is responsible for dumping your current database schema to a migration class. This is intended to be used in conjuction with the RollupCommand.
DirectoryDoesNotExistClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
DirectionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The Direction class contains constants for the directions a migration can be executed.


EventDispatcherClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The EventDispatcher class is responsible for dispatching events internally that a user can listen for.
EventsClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The Events class contains constants for event names that a user can subscribe to.
InvalidTemplateSpecified::empty() — Method in class InvalidTemplateSpecified
DiffCommand::execute() — Method in class DiffCommand
DumpSchemaCommand::execute() — Method in class DumpSchemaCommand
ExecuteCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The ExecutCommand class is responsible for executing a single migration version up or down.
ExecuteCommand::execute() — Method in class ExecuteCommand
GenerateCommand::execute() — Method in class GenerateCommand
LatestCommand::execute() — Method in class LatestCommand
MigrateCommand::execute() — Method in class MigrateCommand
RollupCommand::execute() — Method in class RollupCommand
StatusCommand::execute() — Method in class StatusCommand
UpToDateCommand::execute() — Method in class UpToDateCommand
VersionCommand::execute() — Method in class VersionCommand
ExecutionResultClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The ExecutionResult class is responsible for storing the result of a migration version after it executes.
ExecutorClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The Executor class is responsible for executing a single migration version.
Executor::execute() — Method in class Executor
ExecutorInterfaceClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The ExecutorInterface defines the interface used for adding sql for a migration and executing that sql.
ExecutorInterface::execute() — Method in class ExecutorInterface
Version::execute() — Method in class Version


FileAlreadyLoadedClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
FileNotFoundClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
XmlNotValid::failedValidation() — Method in class XmlNotValid
FileQueryWriterClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The FileQueryWriter class is responsible for writing migration SQL queries to a file on disk.
FinderExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder\Exception
FinderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder
The Finder class is responsible for for finding migrations on disk at a given path.
GlobFinder::findMigrations() — Method in class GlobFinder
MigrationFinder::findMigrations() — Method in class MigrationFinder
RecursiveRegexFinder::findMigrations() — Method in class RecursiveRegexFinder
FileBuilderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Generator
The FileBuilder class is responsible for building a migration SQL file from an array of queries per version.
MigrationRepository::findMigrations() — Method in class MigrationRepository
ParameterFormatter::formatParameters() — Method in class ParameterFormatter
ParameterFormatterInterface::formatParameters() — Method in class ParameterFormatterInterface
LazySchemaDiffProvider::fromDefaultProxyFactoryConfiguration() — Method in class LazySchemaDiffProvider
BytesFormatter::formatBytes() — Method in class BytesFormatter
FileTypeNotSupportedClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
FactoryClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The Factory class is responsible for creating instances of the Version class for a version number and a migration class name.


AbstractMigration::getDescription() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractFileConfiguration::getFile() — Method in class AbstractFileConfiguration
AbstractFileConfiguration::getDirectoryRelativeToFile() — Method in class AbstractFileConfiguration
Configuration::getName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getConnection() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsTableName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsColumnName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getQuotedMigrationsColumnName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsColumnLength() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsExecutedAtColumnName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getQuotedMigrationsExecutedAtColumnName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsDirectory() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsNamespace() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getCustomTemplate() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsFinder() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getVersionData() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getDateTime() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::generateVersionNumber() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getNumberOfExecutedMigrations() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getNumberOfAvailableMigrations() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getLatestVersion() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigratedVersions() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getAvailableVersions() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getCurrentVersion() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrations() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getVersion() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrationsToExecute() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getPrevVersion() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getNextVersion() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getRelativeVersion() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getDeltaVersion() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getOutputWriter() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getQueryWriter() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getDependencyFactory() — Method in class Configuration
DependencyFactory::getEventDispatcher() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getSchemaDumper() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getSchemaDiffProvider() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getFileBuilder() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getParameterFormatter() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getMigrationRepository() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getTrackingTableManipulator() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getTrackingTableDefinition() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getTrackingTableStatus() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getTrackingTableUpdater() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getVersionExecutor() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getQueryWriter() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getOutputWriter() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getVersionAliasResolver() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getMigrationPlanCalculator() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getRecursiveRegexFinder() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getMigrationGenerator() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getMigrationSqlGenerator() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getMigrationStatusInfosHelper() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getMigrator() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getStopwatch() — Method in class DependencyFactory
DependencyFactory::getRollup() — Method in class DependencyFactory
AutoCommitListener::getSubscribedEvents() — Method in class AutoCommitListener
MigrationsEventArgs::getConfiguration() — Method in class MigrationsEventArgs
MigrationsEventArgs::getConnection() — Method in class MigrationsEventArgs
MigrationsEventArgs::getDirection() — Method in class MigrationsEventArgs
MigrationsVersionEventArgs::getVersion() — Method in class MigrationsVersionEventArgs
Finder::getRealPath() — Method in class Finder
GlobFinderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder
The GlobFinder class finds migrations in a directory using the PHP glob() function.
DiffGenerator::generate() — Method in class DiffGenerator
GeneratorExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Generator\Exception
GeneratorClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Generator
The Generator class is responsible for generating a migration class.
Generator::generateMigration() — Method in class Generator
SqlGenerator::generate() — Method in class SqlGenerator
MigrationPlanCalculator::getMigrationsToExecute() — Method in class MigrationPlanCalculator
MigrationRepository::getCurrentVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getVersions() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getVersionData() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getMigrations() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getAvailableVersions() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getNewVersions() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getMigratedVersions() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getExecutedUnavailableMigrations() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getNumberOfAvailableMigrations() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getLatestVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getNumberOfExecutedMigrations() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getRelativeVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getDeltaVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getPrevVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::getNextVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
Migrator::getSql() — Method in class Migrator
MigratorConfiguration::getTimeAllQueries() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
MigratorConfiguration::getNoMigrationException() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
OutputWriter::getLastMessage() — Method in class OutputWriter
LazySchemaDiffProvider::getSqlDiffToMigrate() — Method in class LazySchemaDiffProvider
SchemaDiffProvider::getSqlDiffToMigrate() — Method in class SchemaDiffProvider
SchemaDiffProviderInterface::getSqlDiffToMigrate() — Method in class SchemaDiffProviderInterface
AbstractCommand::getMigrationConfiguration() — Method in class AbstractCommand
GenerateCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The GenerateCommand class is responsible for generating a blank migration class for you to modify to your needs.
ConnectionLoader::getConnection() — Method in class ConnectionLoader
ConfigurationHelper::getMigrationConfig() — Method in class ConfigurationHelper
ConfigurationHelper::getName() — Method in class ConfigurationHelper
ConfigurationHelperInterface::getMigrationConfig() — Method in class ConfigurationHelperInterface
MigrationDirectoryHelper::getMigrationDirectory() — Method in class MigrationDirectoryHelper
MigrationStatusInfosHelper::getMigrationsInfos() — Method in class MigrationStatusInfosHelper
TableDefinition::getName() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getColumnName() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getColumnLength() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getExecutedAtColumnName() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getMigrationsColumn() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getExecutedAtColumn() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getColumnNames() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getDBALTable() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableDefinition::getNewDBALTable() — Method in class TableDefinition
ExecutionResult::getSql() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::getParams() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::getTypes() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::getTime() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::getMemory() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::getException() — Method in class ExecutionResult
Executor::getSql() — Method in class Executor
Executor::getParams() — Method in class Executor
Executor::getTypes() — Method in class Executor
Version::getVersion() — Method in class Version
Version::getDateTime() — Method in class Version
Version::getConfiguration() — Method in class Version
Version::getMigration() — Method in class Version
Version::getExecutedAt() — Method in class Version
Version::getExecutionState() — Method in class Version


Configuration::hasVersionMigrated() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::hasVersion() — Method in class Configuration
MigrationRepository::hasVersion() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::hasVersionMigrated() — Method in class MigrationRepository
ExecutionResult::hasSql() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::hasError() — Method in class ExecutionResult


AbstractMigration::isTransactional() — Method in class AbstractMigration
Indicates the transactional mode of this migration.
Configuration::isDryRun() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::isAllOrNothing() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::isDatabasePlatformChecked() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::isMigrationTableCreated() — Method in class Configuration
InvalidConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Connection\Loader\Exception
InvalidConfiguration::invalidArrayConfiguration() — Method in class InvalidConfiguration
InvalidConfigurationKeyClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
YamlNotValid::invalid() — Method in class YamlNotValid
MigrationsEventArgs::isDryRun() — Method in class MigrationsEventArgs
IrreversibleMigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
InvalidDirectoryClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder\Exception
InvalidTemplateSpecifiedClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Generator\Exception
MigratorConfiguration::isDryRun() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
MigratorConfiguration::isAllOrNothing() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
AbstractCommand::initialize() — Method in class AbstractCommand
InvalidOptionUsageClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
TableStatus::isCreated() — Method in class TableStatus
TableStatus::isUpToDate() — Method in class TableStatus
ExecutionResult::isSkipped() — Method in class ExecutionResult
Version::isMigrated() — Method in class Version


JsonNotValidClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
JsonConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration
The YamlConfiguration class is responsible for loading migration configuration information from a JSON file.


AbstractFileConfiguration::load() — Method in class AbstractFileConfiguration
LoaderExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Connection\Loader\Exception
Finder::loadMigrations() — Method in class Finder
Finder::loadMigrationClasses() — Method in class Finder
Look up all declared classes and find those classes contained in the given $files array.
LazySchemaDiffProviderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider
The LazySchemaDiffProvider is responsible for lazily generating the from schema when diffing two schemas to produce a migration.
LatestCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The LatestCommand class is responsible for outputting what your latest version is.


MigrationsNamespaceRequiredClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
XmlNotValid::malformed() — Method in class XmlNotValid
YamlNotValid::malformed() — Method in class YamlNotValid
MigrationsEventArgsClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Event
The MigrationEventsArgs class is passed to events not related to a single migration version.
MigrationsVersionEventArgsClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Event
The MigrationsVersionEventArgs class is passed to events related to a single migration version.
MigrationClassNotFoundClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
MigrationExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
MigrationNotConvertibleToSqlClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
MigrationsDirectoryRequiredClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
MigrationDeepFinderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder
The MigrationDeepFinder interface denotes a MigrationFinder that recursively finds migrations in a directory.
MigrationFinderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder
The MigrationFinder interface defines the interface used for finding migrations in a given directory and namespace.
MigrationPlanCalculatorClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The MigrationPlanCalculator is responsible for calculating the plan for migrating from the current version to another version.
MigrationRepositoryClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The MigrationRepository class is responsible for retrieving migrations, determing what the current migration version, etc.
MigratorClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The Migrator class is responsible for generating and executing the SQL for a migration.
Migrator::migrate() — Method in class Migrator
MigratorConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The MigratorConfiguration class is responsible for defining the configuration for a migration.
$AbstractCommand#migrationRepositoryProperty in class AbstractCommand
$AbstractCommand#migrationConfigurationProperty in class AbstractCommand
MigrateCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The MigrateCommand class is responsible for executing a migration from the current version to another version up or down. It will calculate all the migration versions that need to be executed and execute them.
MigrationDirectoryHelperClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Helper
The MigrationDirectoryHelper class is responsible for returning the directory that migrations are stored in.
MigrationStatusInfosHelperClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Helper
The MigrationStatusInfosHelper class is responsible for building the array of information used when displaying the status of your migrations.
Version::markMigrated() — Method in class Version
Version::markNotMigrated() — Method in class Version
Version::markVersion() — Method in class Version


FileAlreadyLoaded::new() — Method in class FileAlreadyLoaded
FileNotFound::new() — Method in class FileNotFound
InvalidConfigurationKey::new() — Method in class InvalidConfigurationKey
JsonNotValid::new() — Method in class JsonNotValid
MigrationsNamespaceRequired::new() — Method in class MigrationsNamespaceRequired
ParameterIncompatibleWithFinder::new() — Method in class ParameterIncompatibleWithFinder
UnknownConfigurationValue::new() — Method in class UnknownConfigurationValue
YamlNotAvailable::new() — Method in class YamlNotAvailable
AlreadyAtVersion::new() — Method in class AlreadyAtVersion
DuplicateMigrationVersion::new() — Method in class DuplicateMigrationVersion
MigrationClassNotFound::new() — Method in class MigrationClassNotFound
MigrationNotConvertibleToSql::new() — Method in class MigrationNotConvertibleToSql
MigrationsDirectoryRequired::new() — Method in class MigrationsDirectoryRequired
NoMigrationsToExecuteClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
NoMigrationsToExecute::new() — Method in class NoMigrationsToExecute
NoTablesFoundClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
NoTablesFound::new() — Method in class NoTablesFound
RollupFailed::noMigrationsFound() — Method in class RollupFailed
UnknownMigrationVersion::new() — Method in class UnknownMigrationVersion
InvalidDirectory::new() — Method in class InvalidDirectory
NameIsReservedClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder\Exception
NameIsReserved::new() — Method in class NameIsReserved
InvalidTemplateSpecified::notFoundOrNotReadable() — Method in class InvalidTemplateSpecified
InvalidTemplateSpecified::notReadable() — Method in class InvalidTemplateSpecified
NoChangesDetectedClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Generator\Exception
NoChangesDetected::new() — Method in class NoChangesDetected
NoMappingFoundClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider\Exception
NoMappingFound::new() — Method in class NoMappingFound
ConnectionNotSpecified::new() — Method in class ConnectionNotSpecified
DirectoryDoesNotExist::new() — Method in class DirectoryDoesNotExist
FileTypeNotSupported::new() — Method in class FileTypeNotSupported
InvalidOptionUsage::new() — Method in class InvalidOptionUsage
SchemaDumpRequiresNoMigrations::new() — Method in class SchemaDumpRequiresNoMigrations
VersionAlreadyExists::new() — Method in class VersionAlreadyExists
VersionDoesNotExist::new() — Method in class VersionDoesNotExist


AutoCommitListener::onMigrationsMigrated() — Method in class AutoCommitListener
OutputWriterClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The OutputWriter class is responsible for writing output to the command line when executing migrations.
OrmSchemaProviderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider
The OrmSchemaProvider class is responsible for creating a Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema instance from the mapping information provided by the Doctrine ORM. This is then used to diff against your current database schema to produce a migration to bring your database in sync with the ORM mapping information.
AbstractCommand::outputHeader() — Method in class AbstractCommand


$AbstractMigration#platformProperty in class AbstractMigration
AbstractMigration::preUp() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractMigration::postUp() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractMigration::preDown() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractMigration::postDown() — Method in class AbstractMigration
ParameterIncompatibleWithFinderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
ParameterFormatterClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The ParameterFormatter class is responsible for formatting SQL query parameters to a string for display output.
ParameterFormatterInterfaceClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The ParameterFormatterInterface defines the interface for formatting SQL query parameters to a string for display output.
ProviderExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider\Exception
AbstractCommand::procOpen() — Method in class AbstractCommand


QueryWriterClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The QueryWriter defines the interface used for writing migration SQL queries to a file on disk.


Configuration::resolveVersionAlias() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::registerMigrationsFromDirectory() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::registerMigration() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::registerMigrations() — Method in class Configuration
RollupFailedClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
Finder::requireOnce() — Method in class Finder
RecursiveRegexFinderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Finder
The RecursiveRegexFinder class recursively searches the given directory for migrations.
MigrationRepository::registerMigrationsFromDirectory() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::registerMigration() — Method in class MigrationRepository
MigrationRepository::registerMigrations() — Method in class MigrationRepository
RollupClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The Rollup class is responsible for deleting all previously executed migrations from the versions table and marking the freshly dumped schema migration (that was created with SchemaDumper) as migrated.
Rollup::rollup() — Method in class Rollup
RollupCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The RollupCommand class is responsible for deleting all previously executed migrations from the versions table and marking the freshly dumped schema migration (that was created with DumpSchemaCommand) as migrated.
ConsoleRunner::run() — Method in class ConsoleRunner
AliasResolver::resolveVersionAlias() — Method in class AliasResolver
Returns the version number from an alias.


$AbstractMigration#smProperty in class AbstractMigration
AbstractMigration::skipIf() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractFileConfiguration::setConfiguration() — Method in class AbstractFileConfiguration
Configuration::setName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsTableName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsColumnName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsColumnLength() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsExecutedAtColumnName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsDirectory() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsNamespace() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setCustomTemplate() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsAreOrganizedByYear() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsAreOrganizedByYearAndMonth() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrationsFinder() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setIsDryRun() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setAllOrNothing() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setCheckDatabasePlatform() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setOutputWriter() — Method in class Configuration
SkipMigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
SqlGeneratorClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Generator
The SqlGenerator class is responsible for generating the body of the up() and down() methods for a migration from an array of SQL queries.
MigratorConfiguration::setDryRun() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
MigratorConfiguration::setTimeAllQueries() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
MigratorConfiguration::setNoMigrationException() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
MigratorConfiguration::setAllOrNothing() — Method in class MigratorConfiguration
OutputWriter::setCallback() — Method in class OutputWriter
SchemaDiffProviderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider
The SchemaDiffProvider class is responsible for providing a Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema instance that represents the current state of your database. A clone of this Schema instance is passed to each of your migrations so that you can manipulate the Schema object. Your manipulated Schema object is then compared to the original Schema object to produce the SQL statements that need to be executed.
SchemaDiffProviderInterfaceClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider
The SchemaDiffProviderInterface defines the interface used to provide the from and to schemas and to produce the SQL queries needed to migrate.
SchemaProviderInterfaceClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider
The SchemaProviderInterface defines the interface used to create a Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema instance that represents the current state of your database.
StubSchemaProviderClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Provider
The StubSchemaProvider takes a Doctrine\DBAL\Schema\Schema instance through the constructor and returns it from the createSchema() method.
SchemaDumperClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The SchemaDumper class is responsible for dumping the current state of your database schema to a migration. This is to be used in conjunction with the Rollup class.
StopwatchClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations
The Stopwatch class wraps the Symfony Stopwatch class so that we do not directly depend on it.
Stopwatch::start() — Method in class Stopwatch
AbstractCommand::setMigrationConfiguration() — Method in class AbstractCommand
AbstractCommand::setConnection() — Method in class AbstractCommand
AbstractCommand::setDependencyFactory() — Method in class AbstractCommand
AbstractCommand::setMigrationRepository() — Method in class AbstractCommand
$DiffCommand#schemaProviderProperty in class DiffCommand
StatusCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The StatusCommand class is responsible for outputting what the current state is of all your migrations. It shows what your current version is, how many new versions you have to execute, etc. and details about each of your migrations.
SchemaDumpRequiresNoMigrationsClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
TableStatus::setCreated() — Method in class TableStatus
TableStatus::setUpToDate() — Method in class TableStatus
ExecutionResult::setSql() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::setParams() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::setTypes() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::setTime() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::setMemory() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::setSkipped() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::setError() — Method in class ExecutionResult
ExecutionResult::setException() — Method in class ExecutionResult
StateClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The State class contains constants for the different states a migration can be in during execution.
Version::setState() — Method in class Version


AbstractMigration::throwIrreversibleMigrationException() — Method in class AbstractMigration
RollupFailed::tooManyMigrations() — Method in class RollupFailed
BooleanStringFormatter::toBoolean() — Method in class BooleanStringFormatter
TableDefinitionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tracking
The TableDefinition class is responsible for defining the schema of the table used to track the execution state of each migration version.
TableManipulatorClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tracking
The TableManipulator class is responsible for creating and updating the schema of the table used to track the execution state of each migration version.
TableStatusClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tracking
The TableStatus class is responsible for checking if the tracking table needs to be created or updated.
TableUpdaterClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tracking
The TableUpdater class is responsible for updating the tracking table schema if it needs to be updated.


AbstractMigration::up() — Method in class AbstractMigration
UnknownConfigurationValueClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
UnknownMigrationVersionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Exception
UpToDateCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The UpToDateCommand class outputs if your database is up to date or if there are new migrations that need to be executed.
TableUpdater::updateMigrationTable() — Method in class TableUpdater


$AbstractMigration#versionProperty in class AbstractMigration
Configuration::validate() — Method in class Configuration
VersionCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Command
The VersionCommand class is responsible for manually adding and deleting migration versions from the tracking table.
VersionAlreadyExistsClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
VersionDoesNotExistClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Tools\Console\Exception
VersionClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Version
The Version class represents a single migration version. It wraps around your migration class that extends the AbstractMigration class.


AbstractMigration::warnIf() — Method in class AbstractMigration
AbstractMigration::write() — Method in class AbstractMigration
FileQueryWriter::write() — Method in class FileQueryWriter
Migrator::writeSqlFile() — Method in class Migrator
OutputWriter::write() — Method in class OutputWriter
QueryWriter::write() — Method in class QueryWriter
Version::writeSqlFile() — Method in class Version


XmlNotValidClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
XmlConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration
The XmlConfiguration class is responsible for loading migration configuration information from a XML file.


YamlNotAvailableClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
YamlNotValidClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration\Exception
YamlConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\Migrations\Configuration
The YamlConfiguration class is responsible for loading migration configuration information from a YAML file.


AbstractMigration::__construct() — Method in class AbstractMigration
Configuration::__construct() — Method in class Configuration
ArrayConnectionConfigurationLoader::__construct() — Method in class ArrayConnectionConfigurationLoader
ConnectionConfigurationChainLoader::__construct() — Method in class ConnectionConfigurationChainLoader
ConnectionConfigurationLoader::__construct() — Method in class ConnectionConfigurationLoader
ConnectionHelperLoader::__construct() — Method in class ConnectionHelperLoader
DependencyFactory::__construct() — Method in class DependencyFactory
EventDispatcher::__construct() — Method in class EventDispatcher
MigrationsEventArgs::__construct() — Method in class MigrationsEventArgs
MigrationsVersionEventArgs::__construct() — Method in class MigrationsVersionEventArgs
FileQueryWriter::__construct() — Method in class FileQueryWriter
DiffGenerator::__construct() — Method in class DiffGenerator
FileBuilder::__construct() — Method in class FileBuilder
Generator::__construct() — Method in class Generator
SqlGenerator::__construct() — Method in class SqlGenerator
MigrationPlanCalculator::__construct() — Method in class MigrationPlanCalculator
MigrationRepository::__construct() — Method in class MigrationRepository
Migrator::__construct() — Method in class Migrator
OutputWriter::__construct() — Method in class OutputWriter
ParameterFormatter::__construct() — Method in class ParameterFormatter
LazySchemaDiffProvider::__construct() — Method in class LazySchemaDiffProvider
OrmSchemaProvider::__construct() — Method in class OrmSchemaProvider
SchemaDiffProvider::__construct() — Method in class SchemaDiffProvider
StubSchemaProvider::__construct() — Method in class StubSchemaProvider
Rollup::__construct() — Method in class Rollup
SchemaDumper::__construct() — Method in class SchemaDumper
Stopwatch::__construct() — Method in class Stopwatch
DiffCommand::__construct() — Method in class DiffCommand
ConnectionLoader::__construct() — Method in class ConnectionLoader
ConfigurationHelper::__construct() — Method in class ConfigurationHelper
MigrationDirectoryHelper::__construct() — Method in class MigrationDirectoryHelper
MigrationStatusInfosHelper::__construct() — Method in class MigrationStatusInfosHelper
TableDefinition::__construct() — Method in class TableDefinition
TableManipulator::__construct() — Method in class TableManipulator
TableStatus::__construct() — Method in class TableStatus
TableUpdater::__construct() — Method in class TableUpdater
AliasResolver::__construct() — Method in class AliasResolver
ExecutionResult::__construct() — Method in class ExecutionResult
Executor::__construct() — Method in class Executor
Factory::__construct() — Method in class Factory
Version::__construct() — Method in class Version
Version::__toString() — Method in class Version