The abstract asset allows to reset the name of all assets without publishing this to the public userland.
Base class for schema managers. Schema managers are used to inspect and/or modify the database schema/structure.
Object representation of a database column.
Represents the change of a column.
Compares two Schemas and return an instance of SchemaDiff.
IBM Db2 Schema Manager.
Schema manager for the Drizzle RDBMS.
An abstraction class for a foreign key constraint.
An abstraction class for an asset identifier.
Schema manager for the MySql RDBMS.
Oracle Schema Manager.
PostgreSQL Schema Manager.
SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere schema manager.
SQL Server Schema Manager.
Object representation of a database schema.
Configuration for a Schema.
Schema Diff.
Sequence structure.
Sqlite SchemaManager.
Object Representation of a table.
Table Diff.
Representation of a Database View.


Marker interface for constraints.