Driver interface.
Connection interface.
Contract for a driver exception.
Contract for a driver that is capable of converting DBAL driver exceptions into standardized DBAL driver exceptions.
An interface for connections which support a "native" ping method.
Interface for the reading part of a prepare statement only.
Contract for a connection that is able to provide information about the server it is connected to.
Statement interface.
Marker interface for all exceptions where retrying the transaction makes sense.
Interface for SQL loggers.
Marker interface for constraints.
The synchronizer knows how to synchronize a schema with the configured database.
Visitor that can visit schema namespaces.
Visit a SchemaDiff.
Schema Visitor used for Validation or Generation purposes.
Given a distribution value this shard-choser strategy will pick the shard to connect to for retrieving rows with the distribution value.
Sharding Manager gives access to APIs to implementing sharding on top of Doctrine\DBAL\Connection instances.
Implementations should map a database type to a PHP DateTimeInterface instance.
Implementations should map a database type to a PHP integer.
Contract for a driver that is able to create platform instances by version.