Configuration::addDocumentNamespace() — Method in class Configuration
Adds a namespace under a certain alias.
Configuration::addDesignDocument() — Method in class Configuration
CouchDBException::assignedIdGeneratorNoIdFound() — Method in class CouchDBException
AssignedIdGeneratorClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Id
AttachmentsClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$ClassMetadata#alsoLoadMethodsProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: Array of fields to also load with a given method.
$ClassMetadata#associationsMappingsProperty in class ClassMetadata
$ClassMetadata#attachmentFieldProperty in class ClassMetadata
Field that stores the attachments as a key->value array of file-names to attachment objects.
$ClassMetadata#attachmentDeclaredClassProperty in class ClassMetadata
If in an inheritance scenario the attachment field is on a super class, this is its name.
AnnotationDriverClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Driver
The AnnotationDriver reads the mapping metadata from docblock annotations.
PersistentCollection::add() — Method in class PersistentCollection
MetadataFilter::accept() — Method in class MetadataFilter
Alpha2MigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Tools\Migrations
Type::addType() — Method in class Type
Adds a custom type to the type map.


BooleanTypeClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types


ConfigurationClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
Configuration class
CouchDBExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
Base exception class for package Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
DocumentManager::create() — Method in class DocumentManager
Factory method for a Document Manager.
DocumentManager::createQuery() — Method in class DocumentManager
Create a Query for the view in the specified design document.
DocumentManager::createNativeQuery() — Method in class DocumentManager
Create a Native query for the view of the specified design document.
DocumentManager::createLuceneQuery() — Method in class DocumentManager
Create a CouchDB-Lucene Query.
DocumentManager::contains() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::clear() — Method in class DocumentManager
Clears the ObjectManager. All objects that are currently managed by this ObjectManager become detached.
$DocumentRepository#classProperty in class DocumentRepository
ConflictEventArgsClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Event
CouchUUIDGeneratorClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Id
UUID generator class
IdGenerator::create() — Method in class IdGenerator
$ReferenceMany#cascadeProperty in class ReferenceMany
$ReferenceOne#cascadeProperty in class ReferenceOne
ClassMetadataClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping
Metadata class
$ClassMetadata#customRepositoryClassNameProperty in class ClassMetadata
The name of the custom repository class used for the document class.
ClassMetadataFactoryClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping
The ClassMetadataFactory is used to create ClassMetadata objects that contain all the metadata mapping information of a class which describes how a class should be mapped to a document database.
EmbeddedDocumentSerializer::createEmbeddedDocument() — Method in class EmbeddedDocumentSerializer
Create a document for an embedded document field mapping from json data.
MappingException::classNotFound() — Method in class MappingException
MappingException::classIsNotAValidDocument() — Method in class MappingException
MappingException::classNotMapped() — Method in class MappingException
DoctrineResolver::createDefaultDocumentStruct() — Method in class DoctrineResolver
DoctrineResolver::canResolveJsonField() — Method in class DoctrineResolver
DoctrineResolver::canMapDocument() — Method in class DoctrineResolver
MetadataResolver::createDefaultDocumentStruct() — Method in class MetadataResolver
MetadataResolver::canMapDocument() — Method in class MetadataResolver
MetadataResolver::canResolveJsonField() — Method in class MetadataResolver
$PersistentCollection#colProperty in class PersistentCollection
$PersistentCollection#changedProperty in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::changed() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::clear() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::contains() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::containsKey() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::count() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::current() — Method in class PersistentCollection
GenerateProxiesCommand::configure() — Method in class GenerateProxiesCommand
UpdateDesignDocCommand::configure() — Method in class UpdateDesignDocCommand
MetadataFilter::count() — Method in class MetadataFilter
BooleanType::convertToCouchDBValue() — Method in class BooleanType
BooleanType::convertToPHPValue() — Method in class BooleanType
DateTimeType::convertToCouchDBValue() — Method in class DateTimeType
DateTimeType::convertToPHPValue() — Method in class DateTimeType
FloatType::convertToCouchDBValue() — Method in class FloatType
FloatType::convertToPHPValue() — Method in class FloatType
IntegerType::convertToCouchDBValue() — Method in class IntegerType
IntegerType::convertToPHPValue() — Method in class IntegerType
MixedType::convertToCouchDBValue() — Method in class MixedType
MixedType::convertToPHPValue() — Method in class MixedType
StringType::convertToCouchDBValue() — Method in class StringType
StringType::convertToPHPValue() — Method in class StringType
Type::convertToCouchDBValue() — Method in class Type
Type::convertToPHPValue() — Method in class Type
UnitOfWork::createDocument() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Create a document given class, data and the doc-id and revision
UnitOfWork::computeChangeSet() — Method in class UnitOfWork
UnitOfWork::contains() — Method in class UnitOfWork


CouchDBException::detachedDocumentFound() — Method in class CouchDBException
DocumentManagerClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
DocumentManager::detach() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentNotFoundExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
Exception thrown when a Proxy fails to retrieve a Document.
DocumentRepositoryClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
An DocumentRepository serves as a repository for documents with generic as well as business specific methods for retrieving documents.
$DocumentRepository#documentNameProperty in class DocumentRepository
$DocumentRepository#documentTypeProperty in class DocumentRepository
$DocumentRepository#dmProperty in class DocumentRepository
DocumentClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
ClassMetadata::deriveChildMetadata() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Used to derive a class metadata of the current instance for a mapped child class.
ClassMetadataFactory::doLoadMetadata() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
DriverChainClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Driver
The DriverChain allows you to add multiple other mapping drivers for certain namespaces
EmbeddedDocumentSerializer::doCreateEmbeddedDocument() — Method in class EmbeddedDocumentSerializer
MappingException::duplicateFieldMapping() — Method in class MappingException
DoctrineResolverClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\MetadataResolver
DocumentMigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Migrations
CouchDB documents can be migrated whenever they are loaded.
DateTimeTypeClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types
UnitOfWork::detach() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Detaches a document from the persistence management. It's persistence will no longer be managed by Doctrine.
DoctrineAssociationsClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\View
Associations class
DoctrineRepositoryClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\View
Repository queries


EventClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
EmbedManyClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$EmbedMany#embeddedProperty in class EmbedMany
EmbedOneClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$EmbedOne#embeddedProperty in class EmbedOne
EmbeddedDocumentClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$AnnotationDriver#entityAnnotationClassesProperty in class AnnotationDriver
EmbeddedDocumentSerializerClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping
Helper class serializing/unserializing embedded documents.
PersistentCollection::exists() — Method in class PersistentCollection
GenerateProxiesCommand::execute() — Method in class GenerateProxiesCommand
UpdateDesignDocCommand::execute() — Method in class UpdateDesignDocCommand
ODMLuceneQuery::execute() — Method in class ODMLuceneQuery
ODMQuery::execute() — Method in class ODMQuery


DocumentManager::find() — Method in class DocumentManager
Find the Document with the given id.
DocumentManager::flush() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentRepository::find() — Method in class DocumentRepository
Find a single document by its identifier
DocumentRepository::findMany() — Method in class DocumentRepository
Find Many documents of the given repositories type by id.
DocumentRepository::findAll() — Method in class DocumentRepository
DocumentRepository::findBy() — Method in class DocumentRepository
DocumentRepository::findOneBy() — Method in class DocumentRepository
FieldClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$ClassMetadata#fieldMappingsProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: The field mappings of the class.
MappingException::fileMappingDriversRequireConfiguredDirectoryPath() — Method in class MappingException
PersistentCollection::filter() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::first() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::forAll() — Method in class PersistentCollection
MetadataFilter::filter() — Method in class MetadataFilter
Filter Metadatas by one or more filter options.
FloatTypeClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types
UnitOfWork::flush() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Flush Operation - Write all dirty entries to the CouchDB.
UnitOfWork::findMany() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Find many documents by id.


Configuration::getUUIDGenerationBufferSize() — Method in class Configuration
Gets the default UUID Generator buffer size
Configuration::getValidateDoctrineMetadata() — Method in class Configuration
Gets if all CouchDB document metadata should be validated on read
Configuration::getDocumentNamespace() — Method in class Configuration
Resolves a registered namespace alias to the full namespace.
Configuration::getMetadataResolverImpl() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMetadataDriverImpl() — Method in class Configuration
Gets the cache driver implementation that is used for the mapping metadata.
Configuration::getMetadataCacheImpl() — Method in class Configuration
Gets the cache driver implementation that is used for metadata caching.
Configuration::getProxyDir() — Method in class Configuration
Gets the directory where Doctrine generates any necessary proxy class files.
Configuration::getProxyNamespace() — Method in class Configuration
Gets the namespace for Doctrine proxy class files.
Configuration::getAutoGenerateProxyClasses() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getDesignDocumentNames() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getDesignDocument() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getAllOrNothingFlush() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getLuceneHandlerName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::getMigrations() — Method in class Configuration
DocumentManager::getEventManager() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getCouchDBClient() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getMetadataFactory() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getProxyFactory() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getHttpClient() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getDatabase() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getConfiguration() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getClassMetadataFactory() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getClassMetadata() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getRepository() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::getReference() — Method in class DocumentManager
Gets a reference to the entity identified by the given type and identifier without actually loading it, if the entity is not yet loaded.
DocumentManager::getUnitOfWork() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentRepository::getDocumentName() — Method in class DocumentRepository
DocumentRepository::getDocumentManager() — Method in class DocumentRepository
DocumentRepository::getClassMetadata() — Method in class DocumentRepository
DocumentRepository::getClassName() — Method in class DocumentRepository
ConflictEventArgs::getData() — Method in class ConflictEventArgs
ConflictEventArgs::getDocumentManager() — Method in class ConflictEventArgs
ConflictEventArgs::getDocumentName() — Method in class ConflictEventArgs
LifecycleEventArgs::getDocument() — Method in class LifecycleEventArgs
LifecycleEventArgs::getDocumentManager() — Method in class LifecycleEventArgs
OnFlushEventArgs::getDocumentManager() — Method in class OnFlushEventArgs
AssignedIdGenerator::generate() — Method in class AssignedIdGenerator
CouchUUIDGenerator::generate() — Method in class CouchUUIDGenerator
IdGenerator::generate() — Method in class IdGenerator
ClassMetadata::getReflectionClass() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets the ReflectionClass instance of the mapped class.
ClassMetadata::getReflectionProperties() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets the ReflectionPropertys of the mapped class.
ClassMetadata::getReflectionProperty() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets a ReflectionProperty for a specific field of the mapped class.
ClassMetadata::getIdentifierValue() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets the document identifier.
ClassMetadata::getIdentifierValues() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Get identifier values of this document.
ClassMetadata::getFieldValue() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets the specified field's value off the given document.
ClassMetadata::getIdentifier() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets the mapped identifier field of this class.
ClassMetadata::getIdentifierFieldNames() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Get identifier field names of this class.;
ClassMetadata::getName() — Method in class ClassMetadata
The name of this Document class.
ClassMetadata::getNamespace() — Method in class ClassMetadata
The namespace this Document class belongs to.
ClassMetadata::getFieldNames() — Method in class ClassMetadata
A numerically indexed list of field names of this persistent class.
ClassMetadata::getFieldMapping() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets the mapping of a field.
ClassMetadata::getTypeOfField() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Gets the type of a field.
ClassMetadata::getAssociationNames() — Method in class ClassMetadata
A numerically indexed list of association names of this persistent class.
ClassMetadata::getAssociationTargetClass() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Returns the target class name of the given association.
ClassMetadata::getAssociationMappedByTargetField() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadataFactory::getFqcnFromAlias() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
ClassMetadataFactory::getAllMetadata() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
Forces the factory to load the metadata of all classes known to the underlying mapping driver.
ClassMetadataFactory::getMetadataFor() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
Gets the class metadata descriptor for a class.
ClassMetadataFactory::getDriver() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
DoctrineResolver::getDocumentType() — Method in class DoctrineResolver
MetadataResolver::getDocumentType() — Method in class MetadataResolver
OptimisticLockException::getDocument() — Method in class OptimisticLockException
Gets the document that caused the exception.
PersistentCollection::get() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::getIterator() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::getKeys() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::getValues() — Method in class PersistentCollection
ProxyFactory::getProxy() — Method in class ProxyFactory
Gets a reference proxy instance for the entity of the given type and identified by the given identifier.
ProxyFactory::generateProxyClasses() — Method in class ProxyFactory
Generates proxy classes for all given classes.
GenerateProxiesCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
Command to (re)generate the proxy classes used by doctrine.
Type::getType() — Method in class Type
Factory method to create type instances.
Type::getTypesMap() — Method in class Type
Get the types array map which holds all registered types and the corresponding type class
UnitOfWork::getOriginalData() — Method in class UnitOfWork
UnitOfWork::getDocumentState() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Get the state of a document.
UnitOfWork::getDocumentRevision() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Get the CouchDB revision of the document that was current upon retrieval.
UnitOfWork::getDocumentIdentifier() — Method in class UnitOfWork
UnitOfWork::getIdentityMap() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Get all entries currently in the identity map
UpdateConflictException::getUpdateConflictDocuments() — Method in class UpdateConflictException
DoctrineAssociations::getData() — Method in class DoctrineAssociations
Get view code
DoctrineRepository::getData() — Method in class DoctrineRepository
ODMLuceneQuery::getDocumentName() — Method in class ODMLuceneQuery


$ClassMetadata#hasAttachmentsProperty in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::hasField() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Checks whether the class has a (mapped) field with a certain name.
ClassMetadata::hasAssociation() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Checks if the given field is a mapped association for this class.
Type::hasType() — Method in class Type
Checks if exists support for a type.


CouchDBException::invalidAttachment() — Method in class CouchDBException
DocumentManager::initializeObject() — Method in class DocumentManager
Initialize an object that is a lazy load proxy, or do nothing.
IdGeneratorClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Id
Used to abstract ID generation
InvalidDocumentTypeExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
$Document#indexedProperty in class Document
IdClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$Id#idProperty in class Id
IndexClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
InheritanceRootClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$ClassMetadata#idGeneratorProperty in class ClassMetadata
$ClassMetadata#identifierProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: The field name of the document identifier.
$ClassMetadata#inInheritanceHierachyProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: Is this entity in an inheritance hierachy?
$ClassMetadata#indexesProperty in class ClassMetadata
An array of indexed fields, accessible through a generic view shipped with Doctrine.
$ClassMetadata#indexedProperty in class ClassMetadata
Is this class indexed? If yes, then a findAll() query can be executed for this type.
$ClassMetadata#isMappedSuperclassProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: Whether this class describes the mapping of a mapped superclass.
$ClassMetadata#isEmbeddedDocumentProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: Whether this class describes the mapping of a embedded document.
$ClassMetadata#isReadOnlyProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: Wheather the document or embedded document is read-only and will be skipped in change-tracking.
$ClassMetadata#isVersionedProperty in class ClassMetadata
CouchDB documents are always versioned, this flag determines if this version is exposed to the userland.
ClassMetadata::isIdentifier() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Checks whether a field is part of the identifier/primary key field(s).
ClassMetadata::isCollectionValuedAssociation() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::isSingleValuedAssociation() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Checks if the given field is a mapped single valued association for this class.
ClassMetadata::isAssociationInverseSide() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::isInheritedField() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::isInheritedAssociation() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::initializeReflection() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Initializes a new ClassMetadata instance that will hold the object-relational mapping metadata of the class with the given name.
ClassMetadataFactory::initialize() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
ClassMetadataFactory::initializeReflection() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
ClassMetadataFactory::isEntity() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
EmbeddedDocumentSerializer::isChanged() — Method in class EmbeddedDocumentSerializer
Compares the two representation of an embedded document.
MappingException::invalidInheritanceRoot() — Method in class MappingException
$PersistentCollection#isInitializedProperty in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::initialize() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::indexOf() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::isEmpty() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentIdsCollection::initialize() — Method in class PersistentIdsCollection
PersistentViewCollection::initialize() — Method in class PersistentViewCollection
IntegerTypeClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types
UnitOfWork::isInIdentityMap() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Checks whether a document is registered in the identity map of this UnitOfWork.


$EmbedMany#jsonNameProperty in class EmbedMany
$EmbedOne#jsonNameProperty in class EmbedOne
$Field#jsonNameProperty in class Field
$Version#jsonNameProperty in class Version
$ClassMetadata#jsonNamesProperty in class ClassMetadata
An array of json result-key-names to field-names


PersistentCollection::key() — Method in class PersistentCollection


CouchDBException::luceneNotConfigured() — Method in class CouchDBException
LifecycleEventArgsClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Event
ClassMetadataFactory::loadMetadata() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
Loads the metadata of the class in question and all it's ancestors whose metadata is still not loaded.
AnnotationDriver::loadMetadataForClass() — Method in class AnnotationDriver
XmlDriver::loadMetadataForClass() — Method in class XmlDriver
XmlDriver::loadMappingFile() — Method in class XmlDriver
YamlDriver::loadMetadataForClass() — Method in class YamlDriver
YamlDriver::loadMappingFile() — Method in class YamlDriver
OptimisticLockException::lockFailed() — Method in class OptimisticLockException
OptimisticLockException::lockFailedVersionMissmatch() — Method in class OptimisticLockException
PersistentCollection::last() — Method in class PersistentCollection


DocumentManager::merge() — Method in class DocumentManager
MappedSuperclassClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$ReferenceMany#mappedByProperty in class ReferenceMany
ClassMetadata::mapAttachments() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Set the field that will contain attachments of this document.
ClassMetadata::mapEmbedded() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Map an embedded object
ClassMetadata::mapField() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Map a field.
ClassMetadata::mapManyToOne() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::mapManyToMany() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::markInheritanceRoot() — Method in class ClassMetadata
MappingExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping
Mapping exception class
MappingException::mappingNotFound() — Method in class MappingException
MappingException::mappingFileNotFound() — Method in class MappingException
MetadataResolverClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\MetadataResolver
Abstraction layer for resolving non-primitive metadata from a CouchDB document.
DocumentMigration::migrate() — Method in class DocumentMigration
Accept a CouchDB document and migrate data, return new document.
NullMigration::migrate() — Method in class NullMigration
PersistentCollection::map() — Method in class PersistentCollection
MetadataFilterClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Tools\Console
Used by CLI Tools to restrict entity-based commands to given patterns.
Alpha2Migration::migrate() — Method in class Alpha2Migration
MixedTypeClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types
UnitOfWork::merge() — Method in class UnitOfWork


Configuration::newDefaultAnnotationDriver() — Method in class Configuration
Add a new default annotation driver with a correctly configured annotation reader.
$ClassMetadata#nameProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: The name of the document class.
$ClassMetadata#namespaceProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: The namespace the document class is contained in.
ClassMetadata::newInstance() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Creates a new instance of the mapped class, without invoking the constructor.
ClassMetadataFactory::newClassMetadataInstance() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
Creates a new ClassMetadata instance for the given class name.
MappingException::noTypeSpecified() — Method in class MappingException
NullMigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Migrations
Default migration that changes no document
OptimisticLockException::notVersioned() — Method in class OptimisticLockException
PersistentCollection::next() — Method in class PersistentCollection


OnFlushEventArgsClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Event
OptimisticLockExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
An OptimisticLockException is thrown when a version check on an object that uses optimistic locking through a version field fails.
PersistentCollection::offsetExists() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::offsetGet() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::offsetSet() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::offsetUnset() — Method in class PersistentCollection
Type::overrideType() — Method in class Type
Overrides an already defined type to use a different implementation.
ODMLuceneQueryClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\View
ODMLuceneQuery::onlyDocs() — Method in class ODMLuceneQuery
ODMQueryClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\View
ODMQuery::onlyDocs() — Method in class ODMQuery


CouchDBException::persistRemovedDocument() — Method in class CouchDBException
DocumentManager::persist() — Method in class DocumentManager
$ClassMetadata#parentClassesProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: a list of all parent classes.
PHPDriverClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Driver
The PHPDriver invokes a static PHP function on the document class itself passing a ClassMetadata instance for you to manually populate with mapping information.
PersistentCollectionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
Persistent collection class
PersistentCollection::partition() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentIdsCollectionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
PersistentViewCollectionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
ProxyClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Proxy
ProxyExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Proxy
CouchDB ODM Proxy Exception
ProxyException::proxyDirectoryRequired() — Method in class ProxyException
ProxyException::proxyNamespaceRequired() — Method in class ProxyException
ProxyFactoryClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Proxy
This factory is used to create proxy objects for entities at runtime.
UnitOfWork::persistNew() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Persist new document, marking it managed and generating the id.


DocumentManager::remove() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentManager::refresh() — Method in class DocumentManager
Refresh the given document by querying the CouchDB to get the current state.
DocumentRepository::refresh() — Method in class DocumentRepository
$Document#repositoryClassProperty in class Document
$EmbeddedDocument#readOnlyProperty in class EmbeddedDocument
ReferenceClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
ReferenceManyClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
ReferenceOneClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$ClassMetadata#rootDocumentNameProperty in class ClassMetadata
READ-ONLY: The root document class name.
$ClassMetadata#reflClassProperty in class ClassMetadata
The ReflectionClass instance of the mapped class.
$ClassMetadata#reflFieldsProperty in class ClassMetadata
The ReflectionProperty instances of the mapped class.
MappingException::reflectionFailure() — Method in class MappingException
DoctrineResolver::resolveJsonField() — Method in class DoctrineResolver
MetadataResolver::resolveJsonField() — Method in class MetadataResolver
PersistentCollection::remove() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::removeElement() — Method in class PersistentCollection
UnitOfWork::refresh() — Method in class UnitOfWork
UnitOfWork::removeFromIdentityMap() — Method in class UnitOfWork
INTERNAL: Removes an document from the identity map. This effectively detaches the document from the persistence management of Doctrine.
UnitOfWork::registerManaged() — Method in class UnitOfWork


Configuration::setUUIDGenerationBufferSize() — Method in class Configuration
Sets the default UUID Generator buffer size
Configuration::setValidateDoctrineMetadata() — Method in class Configuration
Sets if all CouchDB document metadata should be validated on read
Configuration::setDocumentNamespaces() — Method in class Configuration
Set the document alias map
Configuration::setMetadataDriverImpl() — Method in class Configuration
Sets the cache driver implementation that is used for metadata caching.
Configuration::setMetadataResolverImpl() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMetadataCacheImpl() — Method in class Configuration
Sets the cache driver implementation that is used for metadata caching.
Configuration::setProxyDir() — Method in class Configuration
Sets the directory where Doctrine generates any necessary proxy class files.
Configuration::setProxyNamespace() — Method in class Configuration
Sets the namespace for Doctrine proxy class files.
Configuration::setAutoGenerateProxyClasses() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setAllOrNothingFlush() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setLuceneHandlerName() — Method in class Configuration
Configuration::setMigrations() — Method in class Configuration
$Id#strategyProperty in class Id
ClassMetadata::setIdentifierValue() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Sets the document identifier of a document.
ClassMetadata::setFieldValue() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Sets the specified field to the specified value on the given document.
ClassMetadata::setIdentifier() — Method in class ClassMetadata
INTERNAL: Sets the mapped identifier field of this class.
ClassMetadata::setCustomRepositoryClass() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Registers a custom repository class for the document class.
ClassMetadata::setParentClasses() — Method in class ClassMetadata
EmbeddedDocumentSerializer::serializeEmbeddedDocument() — Method in class EmbeddedDocumentSerializer
Serializes an embedded document value into array given the mapping metadata for the class.
DoctrineResolver::storeAssociationField() — Method in class DoctrineResolver
MetadataResolver::storeAssociationField() — Method in class MetadataResolver
PersistentCollection::set() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::slice() — Method in class PersistentCollection
StringTypeClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types
UnitOfWork::scheduleInsert() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Schedule insertion of this document and cascade if neccessary.
UnitOfWork::scheduleRemove() — Method in class UnitOfWork
ODMLuceneQuery::setDocumentName() — Method in class ODMLuceneQuery
ODMLuceneQuery::setDocumentManager() — Method in class ODMLuceneQuery
ODMQuery::setDocumentManager() — Method in class ODMQuery


$Document#typeProperty in class Document
$Field#typeProperty in class Field
$Id#typeProperty in class Id
$Reference#targetDocumentProperty in class Reference
$Version#typeProperty in class Version
PersistentCollection::takeSnapshot() — Method in class PersistentCollection
PersistentCollection::toArray() — Method in class PersistentCollection
TypeClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types
TypeExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Types
TypeException::typeExists() — Method in class TypeException
TypeException::typeNotFound() — Method in class TypeException
UnitOfWork::tryGetById() — Method in class UnitOfWork
Tries to find an document with the given identifier in the identity map of this UnitOfWork.
ODMQuery::toArray() — Method in class ODMQuery


CouchDBException::unknownDocumentNamespace() — Method in class CouchDBException
CouchDBException::unregisteredDesignDocument() — Method in class CouchDBException
CouchDBException::unexpectedDocumentType() — Method in class CouchDBException
PersistentCollection::unwrap() — Method in class PersistentCollection
UpdateDesignDocCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
TypeException::unknownType() — Method in class TypeException
UnitOfWorkClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
Unit of work class
UpdateConflictExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
Thrown by the UnitOfWork when errors happen on flush.


VersionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Annotations
$ClassMetadata#versionFieldProperty in class ClassMetadata
Version Field stores the CouchDB Revision
ClassMetadata::validateAndCompleteFieldMapping() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::validateAndCompleteReferenceMapping() — Method in class ClassMetadata
ClassMetadata::validateAndCompleteAssociationMapping() — Method in class ClassMetadata
VersionClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB


ClassMetadata::wakeupReflection() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Restores some state that can not be serialized/unserialized.
ClassMetadataFactory::wakeupReflection() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory


XmlDriverClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Driver
XmlDriver is a metadata driver that enables mapping through XML files.


YamlDriverClass in namespace Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\Mapping\Driver
The YamlDriver reads the mapping metadata from yaml schema files.


DocumentManager::__construct() — Method in class DocumentManager
DocumentNotFoundException::__construct() — Method in class DocumentNotFoundException
DocumentRepository::__construct() — Method in class DocumentRepository
Initializes a new DocumentRepository.
ConflictEventArgs::__construct() — Method in class ConflictEventArgs
LifecycleEventArgs::__construct() — Method in class LifecycleEventArgs
OnFlushEventArgs::__construct() — Method in class OnFlushEventArgs
InvalidDocumentTypeException::__construct() — Method in class InvalidDocumentTypeException
ClassMetadata::__construct() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Initializes a new ClassMetadata instance that will hold the object-document mapping metadata of the class with the given name.
ClassMetadata::__sleep() — Method in class ClassMetadata
Determines which fields get serialized.
ClassMetadataFactory::__construct() — Method in class ClassMetadataFactory
Creates a new factory instance that uses the given DocumentManager instance.
XmlDriver::__construct() — Method in class XmlDriver
YamlDriver::__construct() — Method in class YamlDriver
EmbeddedDocumentSerializer::__construct() — Method in class EmbeddedDocumentSerializer
OptimisticLockException::__construct() — Method in class OptimisticLockException
PersistentIdsCollection::__construct() — Method in class PersistentIdsCollection
PersistentViewCollection::__construct() — Method in class PersistentViewCollection
ProxyFactory::__construct() — Method in class ProxyFactory
Initializes a new instance of the ProxyFactory class that is connected to the given DocumentManager.
MetadataFilter::__construct() — Method in class MetadataFilter
Type::__construct() — Method in class Type
Type::__toString() — Method in class Type
UnitOfWork::__construct() — Method in class UnitOfWork
UpdateConflictException::__construct() — Method in class UpdateConflictException