Configuration class
Base exception class for package Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB
Exception thrown when a Proxy fails to retrieve a Document.
An DocumentRepository serves as a repository for documents with generic as well as business specific methods for retrieving documents.
UUID generator class
Used to abstract ID generation
Metadata class
The ClassMetadataFactory is used to create ClassMetadata objects that contain all the metadata mapping information of a class which describes how a class should be mapped to a document database.
The AnnotationDriver reads the mapping metadata from docblock annotations.
The DriverChain allows you to add multiple other mapping drivers for certain namespaces
The PHPDriver invokes a static PHP function on the document class itself passing a ClassMetadata instance for you to manually populate with mapping information.
XmlDriver is a metadata driver that enables mapping through XML files.
The YamlDriver reads the mapping metadata from yaml schema files.
Helper class serializing/unserializing embedded documents.
Mapping exception class
Abstraction layer for resolving non-primitive metadata from a CouchDB document.
CouchDB documents can be migrated whenever they are loaded.
Default migration that changes no document
An OptimisticLockException is thrown when a version check on an object that uses optimistic locking through a version field fails.
Persistent collection class
CouchDB ODM Proxy Exception
This factory is used to create proxy objects for entities at runtime.
Command to (re)generate the proxy classes used by doctrine.
Used by CLI Tools to restrict entity-based commands to given patterns.
Unit of work class
Thrown by the UnitOfWork when errors happen on flush.
Associations class
Repository queries