AttachmentClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB
An attachment is a special embedded document that exists inside CouchDB.
CouchDBClient::allDocs() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Get all documents.
AbstractHTTPClientClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
Basic couch DB connection handling class.
MangoQuery::asArray() — Method in class MangoQuery
AbstractMigrationClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Migrations
Migration base class.
AbstractQueryClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\View


$Response#bodyProperty in class Response
Decoded JSON response body.
SocketClient::buildRequest() — Method in class SocketClient
Build a HTTP 1.1 request.
BulkUpdaterClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Utils
Bulk updater class.


Attachment::createFromBinaryData() — Method in class Attachment
Create an Attachment from a string or resource of binary data.
Attachment::createFromBase64Data() — Method in class Attachment
Create an attachment from base64 data.
Attachment::createStub() — Method in class Attachment
Create a stub attachment that has lazy loading capabilities.
CouchDBClientClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB
CouchDB client class.
$CouchDBClient#clientsProperty in class CouchDBClient
CouchDBClient::create() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Factory method for CouchDBClients.
CouchDBClient::createDatabase() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Create a new database.
CouchDBClient::createBulkUpdater() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Create a bulk updater instance.
CouchDBClient::createViewQuery() — Method in class CouchDBClient
CouchDBClient::createDesignDocument() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Create or update a design document from the given in memory definition.
CouchDBClient::compactDatabase() — Method in class CouchDBClient
POST /db/_compact.
CouchDBClient::compactView() — Method in class CouchDBClient
POST /db/_compact/designDoc.
CouchDBExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB
Base exception class for package Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB.
ClientClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
HTTPException::connectionFailure() — Method in class HTTPException
$SocketClient#connectionProperty in class SocketClient
Connection pointer for connections, once keep alive is working on the CouchDb side.
SocketClient::checkConnection() — Method in class SocketClient
Check for server connection.
StreamClient::checkConnection() — Method in class StreamClient
Sets up the stream connection.
MangoClient::createMangoIndex() — Method in class MangoClient
Create a mango query index and return the HTTP response.
CompactDatabaseCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
CompactDatabaseCommand::configure() — Method in class CompactDatabaseCommand
CompactViewCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
CompactViewCommand::configure() — Method in class CompactViewCommand
MigrationCommand::configure() — Method in class MigrationCommand
ReplicationCancelCommand::configure() — Method in class ReplicationCancelCommand
ReplicationStartCommand::configure() — Method in class ReplicationStartCommand
ViewCleanupCommand::configure() — Method in class ViewCleanupCommand
CouchDBHelperClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Helper
Doctrine CLI Connection Helper.
$CouchDBHelper#couchDBClientProperty in class CouchDBHelper
$AbstractQuery#clientProperty in class AbstractQuery
AbstractQuery::createResult() — Method in class AbstractQuery
AbstractQuery::createDesignDocument() — Method in class AbstractQuery
Create non existing view.
LuceneQuery::createResult() — Method in class LuceneQuery
Query::createResult() — Method in class Query
Result::count() — Method in class Result


$CouchDBClient#databaseNameProperty in class CouchDBClient
Name of the CouchDB database.
CouchDBClient::deleteDatabase() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Drop a database.
CouchDBClient::deleteDocument() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Delete a document.
CouchDBException::detachedDocumentFound() — Method in class CouchDBException
MangoClient::deleteMangoIndex() — Method in class MangoClient
Delete a mango query index and return the HTTP response.
$CouchDBHelper#dmProperty in class CouchDBHelper
BulkUpdater::deleteDocument() — Method in class BulkUpdater
$AbstractQuery#docProperty in class AbstractQuery
$AbstractQuery#designDocumentNameProperty in class AbstractQuery
$AbstractQuery#databaseNameProperty in class AbstractQuery
AbstractQuery::doExecute() — Method in class AbstractQuery
DesignDocumentClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\View
Abstract Design Document.


CouchDBClient::ensureFullCommit() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Commit any recent changes to the specified database to disk.
ErrorResponseClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
HTTP response.
CompactDatabaseCommand::execute() — Method in class CompactDatabaseCommand
CompactViewCommand::execute() — Method in class CompactViewCommand
MigrationCommand::execute() — Method in class MigrationCommand
ReplicationCancelCommand::execute() — Method in class ReplicationCancelCommand
ReplicationStartCommand::execute() — Method in class ReplicationStartCommand
ViewCleanupCommand::execute() — Method in class ViewCleanupCommand
AbstractMigration::execute() — Method in class AbstractMigration
Execute migration by iterating over all documents in batches of 100.
BulkUpdater::execute() — Method in class BulkUpdater
AbstractQuery::execute() — Method in class AbstractQuery
Query the view with the current params.


CouchDBClient::findDocument() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Find a document by ID and return the HTTP response.
CouchDBClient::findRevisions() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Find documents of all or the specified revisions.
CouchDBClient::findDocuments() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Find many documents by passing their ids and return the HTTP response.
HTTPException::fromResponse() — Method in class HTTPException
JsonDecodeException::fromLastJsonError() — Method in class JsonDecodeException
MangoClient::find() — Method in class MangoClient
Find documents using Mango Query.
$MangoQuery#fieldsProperty in class MangoQuery
MangoQuery::fields() — Method in class MangoQuery
FolderDesignDocumentClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\View


Attachment::getContentType() — Method in class Attachment
Get the content-type of this attachment.
Attachment::getLength() — Method in class Attachment
Get the length of the base64 encoded representation of this attachment.
Attachment::getRawData() — Method in class Attachment
Get the raw data of this attachment.
Attachment::getBase64EncodedData() — Method in class Attachment
Attachment::getRevPos() — Method in class Attachment
Number of times an attachment was alreaady saved with the document, indicating in which revision it was added.
CouchDBClient::getHttpClient() — Method in class CouchDBClient
CouchDBClient::getDatabase() — Method in class CouchDBClient
CouchDBClient::getUuids() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Let CouchDB generate an array of UUIDs.
CouchDBClient::getVersion() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Get the current version of CouchDB.
CouchDBClient::getAllDatabases() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Get all databases.
CouchDBClient::getDatabaseInfo() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Get Information about a database.
CouchDBClient::getChanges() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Get changes.
CouchDBClient::getCompactInfo() — Method in class CouchDBClient
GET /db/_compact.
CouchDBClient::getActiveTasks() — Method in class CouchDBClient
GET /_active_tasks.
CouchDBClient::getRevisionDifference() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Get revision difference.
CouchDBClient::getChangesAsStream() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Get changes as a stream.
AbstractHTTPClient::getOptions() — Method in class AbstractHTTPClient
Get the connection options.
Client::getConnection() — Method in class Client
Return the connection pointer or connection socket after setting up the connection.
LoggingClient::getConnection() — Method in class LoggingClient
Return the connection pointer or connection socket after setting up the connection.
MultipartParserAndSender::getNextLineFromSourceConnection() — Method in class MultipartParserAndSender
Read and return next line from the connection pointer.
SocketClient::getConnection() — Method in class SocketClient
Return the socket after setting up the connection to server and writing the headers. The returned resource can later be used to read and write data in chunks. These should be done without much delay as the connection might get closed.
StreamClient::getConnection() — Method in class StreamClient
Return the connection pointer after setting up the stream connection.
StreamClient::getStreamHeaders() — Method in class StreamClient
CouchDBHelper::getDocumentManager() — Method in class CouchDBHelper
Retrieves Doctrine ODM CouchDB Manager.
CouchDBHelper::getCouchDBClient() — Method in class CouchDBHelper
CouchDBHelper::getName() — Method in class CouchDBHelper
BulkUpdater::getPath() — Method in class BulkUpdater
AbstractQuery::getParameter() — Method in class AbstractQuery
AbstractQuery::getHttpQuery() — Method in class AbstractQuery
DesignDocument::getData() — Method in class DesignDocument
Get design doc code.
FolderDesignDocument::getData() — Method in class FolderDesignDocument
Get design doc code.
LuceneQuery::getHttpQuery() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::getAnalyzer() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::getIncludeDocs() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::getLimit() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::getQuery() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneResult::getETag() — Method in class LuceneResult
LuceneResult::getFetchDuration() — Method in class LuceneResult
LuceneResult::getLimit() — Method in class LuceneResult
LuceneResult::getExecutedQuery() — Method in class LuceneResult
LuceneResult::getRows() — Method in class LuceneResult
LuceneResult::getSearchDuration() — Method in class LuceneResult
LuceneResult::getSkip() — Method in class LuceneResult
LuceneResult::getTotalRows() — Method in class LuceneResult
Query::getHttpQuery() — Method in class Query
Encode HTTP Query String for View correctly with the following rules in mind.
Result::getTotalRows() — Method in class Result
Result::getIterator() — Method in class Result
Result::getOffset() — Method in class Result


$CouchDBClient#httpClientProperty in class CouchDBClient
The underlying HTTP Connection of the used DocumentManager.
HTTPExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
Base exception class for package Doctrine\ODM\CouchDB\HTTP.
$Response#headersProperty in class Response
HTTP response headers.
$StreamClient#httpFilePointerProperty in class StreamClient
Connection pointer for connections, once keep alive is working on the CouchDb side.


Attachment::isLoaded() — Method in class Attachment
CouchDBException::invalidAttachment() — Method in class CouchDBException


JsonDecodeExceptionClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB
MangoQuery::jsonSerialize() — Method in class MangoQuery


CouchDBException::luceneNotConfigured() — Method in class CouchDBException
LoggingClientClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
$MangoQuery#limitProperty in class MangoQuery
MangoQuery::limit() — Method in class MangoQuery
LuceneQueryClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\View
LuceneResultClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\View


MultipartParserAndSenderClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
Streams the multipart data from the source to the target and thus makes the transfer with lesser memory footprint.
MangoClientClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB
MangoQueryClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Mango
MigrationCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
AbstractMigration::migrate() — Method in class AbstractMigration
Return an array of to migrate to document data or null if this document should not be migrated.


$AbstractHTTPClient#optionsProperty in class AbstractHTTPClient
CouchDB connection options.
$MangoQuery#optionsProperty in class MangoQuery
Result::offsetExists() — Method in class Result
Result::offsetGet() — Method in class Result
Result::offsetSet() — Method in class Result
Result::offsetUnset() — Method in class Result


CouchDBClient::postDocument() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Execute a POST request against CouchDB inserting a new document, leaving the server to generate a uuid.
CouchDBClient::putDocument() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Execute a PUT request against CouchDB inserting or updating a document.
CouchDBException::persistRemovedDocument() — Method in class CouchDBException
MultipartParserAndSender::parseAndSend() — Method in class MultipartParserAndSender
Parses multipart data. Returns an array having: 1) Array of json docs(which are strings) that don't have attachments.
$AbstractQuery#paramsProperty in class AbstractQuery


QueryClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\View
Query class.


CouchDBClient::replicate() — Method in class CouchDBClient
POST /db/_replicate.
Client::request() — Method in class Client
Perform a request to the server and return the result.
HTTPException::readFailure() — Method in class HTTPException
$LoggingClient#requestsProperty in class LoggingClient
Array of requests made to CouchDB with this client.
LoggingClient::request() — Method in class LoggingClient
Perform a request to the server and return the result.
MultipartParserAndSender::request() — Method in class MultipartParserAndSender
Perform request to the source, parse the multipart response, stream the documents with attachments to the target and return the responses along with docs that did not have any attachments.
ResponseClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
HTTP response.
SocketClient::request() — Method in class SocketClient
Perform a request to the server and return the result.
StreamClient::request() — Method in class StreamClient
Perform a request to the server and return the result.
ReplicationCancelCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
ReplicationStartCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
ResultClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\View
$Result#resultProperty in class Result


CouchDBClient::setHttpClient() — Method in class CouchDBClient
AbstractHTTPClient::setOption() — Method in class AbstractHTTPClient
Set option value.
$MultipartParserAndSender#sourceClientProperty in class MultipartParserAndSender
$MultipartParserAndSender#sourceConnectionProperty in class MultipartParserAndSender
MultipartParserAndSender::sendStream() — Method in class MultipartParserAndSender
Reads multipart data from sourceConnection and streams it to the targetConnection.Returns the body of the request or the status code in case there is no body.
$Response#statusProperty in class Response
HTTP response status.
SocketClientClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
This class uses a custom HTTP client, which may have more bugs then the default PHP HTTP clients, but supports keep alive connections without any extension dependencies.
StreamClientClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\HTTP
Connection handler using PHPs stream wrappers.
$MangoQuery#selectorProperty in class MangoQuery
$MangoQuery#sortProperty in class MangoQuery
$MangoQuery#skipProperty in class MangoQuery
MangoQuery::selector() — Method in class MangoQuery
MangoQuery::select() — Method in class MangoQuery
MangoQuery::sort() — Method in class MangoQuery
MangoQuery::skip() — Method in class MangoQuery
BulkUpdater::setNewEdits() — Method in class BulkUpdater
BulkUpdater::setFullCommitHeader() — Method in class BulkUpdater
LuceneQuery::setAnalyzer() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::setIncludeDocs() — Method in class LuceneQuery
Automatically fetch and include the document which emitted each view entry.
LuceneQuery::setLimit() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::setQuery() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::setSkip() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::setSort() — Method in class LuceneQuery
LuceneQuery::setStale() — Method in class LuceneQuery
Query::setKey() — Method in class Query
Find key in view.
Query::setKeys() — Method in class Query
Find keys in the view.
Query::setStartKey() — Method in class Query
Set starting key to query view for.
Query::setEndKey() — Method in class Query
Set ending key to query view for.
Query::setStartKeyDocId() — Method in class Query
Document id to start with.
Query::setEndKeyDocId() — Method in class Query
Last document id to include in the output.
Query::setLimit() — Method in class Query
Limit the number of documents in the output.
Query::setSkip() — Method in class Query
Skip n number of documents.
Query::setStale() — Method in class Query
If stale=ok is set CouchDB will not refresh the view even if it is stalled.
Query::setDescending() — Method in class Query
reverse the output.
Query::setGroup() — Method in class Query
The group option controls whether the reduce function reduces to a set of distinct keys or to a single result row.
Query::setGroupLevel() — Method in class Query
Query::setReduce() — Method in class Query
Use the reduce function of the view. It defaults to true, if a reduce function is defined and to false otherwise.
Query::setInclusiveEnd() — Method in class Query
Controls whether the endkey is included in the result. It defaults to true.
Query::setIncludeDocs() — Method in class Query
Automatically fetch and include the document which emitted each view entry.


Attachment::toArray() — Method in class Attachment
Attachments are special in how they need to be persisted depending on stub or not.
CouchDBClient::transferChangedDocuments() — Method in class CouchDBClient
Transfer missing revisions to the target. The Content-Type of response from the source should be multipart/mixed.
$LoggingClient#totalDurationProperty in class LoggingClient
$MultipartParserAndSender#targetClientProperty in class MultipartParserAndSender
$MultipartParserAndSender#targetConnectionProperty in class MultipartParserAndSender
Result::toArray() — Method in class Result


CouchDBException::unknownDocumentNamespace() — Method in class CouchDBException
CouchDBException::unregisteredDesignDocument() — Method in class CouchDBException
$MangoQuery#use_indexProperty in class MangoQuery
MangoQuery::use_index() — Method in class MangoQuery
BulkUpdater::updateDocument() — Method in class BulkUpdater
BulkUpdater::updateDocuments() — Method in class BulkUpdater


$CouchDBClient#versionProperty in class CouchDBClient
CouchDB Version.
CouchDBClient::viewCleanup() — Method in class CouchDBClient
POST /db/_view_cleanup.
ViewCleanupCommandClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB\Tools\Console\Command
VersionClass in namespace Doctrine\CouchDB
$AbstractQuery#viewNameProperty in class AbstractQuery


MangoQuery::where() — Method in class MangoQuery


CouchDBClient::__construct() — Method in class CouchDBClient
AbstractHTTPClient::__construct() — Method in class AbstractHTTPClient
Construct a CouchDB connection.
LoggingClient::__construct() — Method in class LoggingClient
Construct new logging client wrapping the real client.
MultipartParserAndSender::__construct() — Method in class MultipartParserAndSender
Response::__construct() — Method in class Response
Construct response.
MangoQuery::__construct() — Method in class MangoQuery
CouchDBHelper::__construct() — Method in class CouchDBHelper
AbstractMigration::__construct() — Method in class AbstractMigration
BulkUpdater::__construct() — Method in class BulkUpdater
AbstractQuery::__construct() — Method in class AbstractQuery
FolderDesignDocument::__construct() — Method in class FolderDesignDocument
LuceneQuery::__construct() — Method in class LuceneQuery
Result::__construct() — Method in class Result