ClassLoader deprecated
A ClassLoader is an autoloader for class files that can be installed on the SPL autoload stack. It is a class loader that either loads only classes of a specific namespace or all namespaces and it is suitable for working together with other autoloaders in the SPL autoload stack.
CommonException deprecated
Base exception class for package Doctrine\Common.
Comparable interface that allows to compare two value objects to each other for similarity.
Lexer deprecated
Base class for writing simple lexers, i.e. for creating small DSLs.
Contract for classes that provide the service of notifying listeners of changes to their properties.
Contract for classes that are potential listeners of a NotifyPropertyChanged implementor.
Abstract factory for proxy objects.
Autoloader deprecated
Special Autoloader for Proxy classes, which are not PSR-0 compliant.
Proxy Invalid Argument Exception.
Proxy Invalid Argument Exception.
ProxyException deprecated
Base exception interface for proxy exceptions.
Proxy Unexpected Value Exception.
Proxy deprecated
Interface for proxy classes.
ProxyDefinition deprecated
Definition structure how to create a proxy.
ProxyGenerator deprecated
This factory is used to generate proxy classes.
ClassUtils deprecated
Class and reflection related functionality for objects that might or not be proxy objects at the moment.
Debug deprecated
Static class containing most used debug methods.
Inflector deprecated
Doctrine inflector has static methods for inflecting text.
Version deprecated
Class to store and retrieve the version of Doctrine.